12 May 2014

Crimestop on Sam

It's only football, right? But when the NFL Draft is covered over three days, the first of which comes with a media frenzy that has the equivalent excitement of a cure for cancer, we sense that it is more. The NFL is our 'culture's' circus.

We have already been prepared for the Michael Sam experience, and now our town gets to host it.

And, no sense wasting time or starting slowly. No, instead, at the moment of his selection by the St. Louis Rams, we were forced to see an obviously emotional Sam (drafted, congrats, totally appropriate) lengthily kiss another man. And God help you if that display disgusted you.

Well, one NFL player took to twitter to publicly express his gross-out. This may not speak well for his prudence, but it is some testimony that the Natural Law still operates at some level on the human conscience.

Of course, he was suspended for his thoughtcrime.

The thing that bothers me is that whether he makes the team or not, whether he plays well or not, it is all about his public declaration of sodomy. You. Will. Love. His. Sodomy. Or Else.

Morning in America!


Christophe said...

Are you going to boycott fantasy football now?

Innocent Smith said...

Of course he will make the team. If he doesn't it will be a clear case of discrimination.

This player has the potential to some day have a similar hagiography to Jackie Robinson.

And to tell the truth, I am pretty sick of Jackie Robinson right now, through no fault of his own. This idea of having every team retire his number and every player wearing it is a little over the top in my opinion.

Another over the top day is Mother's Day and baseball players wearing pink. And my mother died of breast cancer. I will watch baseball on Jackie Robinson's day, but I do not tune in on Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Just as dangerous to our culture as this story is that St. Louis Catholic writes about are the other uses that baseball, the sport I watch the most, is used as a vehicle for propaganda.

I can't stand Memorial Day and Fourth of July hats that baseball wears on those days. Nor do I care for the camouflage uniforms seem teams don in order to "Support the Troops", which is another way of promoting these endless Neo-Con Wars.

Anonymous said...

A kiss between 2 men is not sodomy.

markus l.

thetimman said...

Markus I.,

I missed the part of the press release last year wherein Sam said he wanted to kiss guys, but then refrain from further intimacy. Can you send me a link?

Unknown said...

All christians, but especially black people should be outraged that Jeff Fisher would compare the color of a persons skin (black) to sodomy. Racism on its face. All Christians in St. Louis and especially black people should boycott and protest the rams until Jeff Fisher issues an apology and is fired for racist public statements.

Anonymous said...

Like Mr. Smith, I want to focus on MLB, too, but Sam is taking the oxygen out of the room. Gotta agree that the Komen pink was annoying. Yes, every player wearing 42 was ridiculous. How could you tell who was who?

We really need some crimestopping activity on the Cards bullpen. And perhaps some hot shot starter, Shelby, ought to spend some time in Memphis...
But no, we're busy discussing the sodomite who cannot be criticized. See, Obama, I am judging the man on what he does, not who he is.

Anonymous said...

Christophe, some would argue that Timman has effectively boycotted fantasy football for several years now.


SLPS Parent

[runs off]

timbro3000 said...

SLPS Parent, that's why we keep you around. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Thetimman writes: I missed the part of the press release last year wherein Sam said he wanted to kiss guys, but then refrain from further intimacy. Can you send me a link?"

Why are you assuming the single kiss declares his plans too engage in further intimacy?

Are you suggesting men who kiss one another have to issue declarations as to their personal and private behavior?

Do we ask every man who kisses a woman to declare his sexual intentions with women? Are we to assume he plans to engage in a sexual affair?

markus l.

thetimman said...

He said in his 'coming out' interview: " I am a proud, openly gay man."

No, he did not discuss specific techniques of sodomy.

Your comment is either disingenuous or nonsensical.

Jane Chantal said...

Given the context that - as Timman has pointed out - was crystal clear, the implication of Sams' and his boyfriend's public gesture was unmistakable. No amount of obfuscation makes it less so.