06 May 2014

Interesting Reflection from the Pope

From CNS:

Pope to social climbers: Head for hills, not the church, for ambitions

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The Catholic Church is no place for "climbers," who want to reach the heights of prestige, power and profit, Pope Francis said.


Unfortunately, there are Christians who like to "strut around like real peacocks," full of vanity and the need to show off, the pope said.

"Vanity is dangerous because it makes us slip immediately into pride and arrogance, and then it's all over," he said.

"How do I follow Jesus? Do I hide doing the good things I do or do I like showing off?" he asked.

It's an important question for priests and bishops, too, he said, because "a vain pastor is not good for the people of God."[...]


St. Corbinian's Bear said...

Yep, don't let the right cameraman know what the left cameraman is doing. The problem we have with our dear Holy Father is that he does not understand we need the Pope of Rome, not Jorge Bergoglio. It is an office, a role, an institution. Yet it always seems to come back the JB the man, and the Bear just doesn't think that is healthy, especially in a media saturated age.

thetimman said...

ATW, thanks for the comment. I see you have a similar take.

Anonymous said...

And this was the basis for the French Revolution, where the Royalty and Princesses of the Church were far too enamored with wealth and power. Many Saints came from that era who sided with the poor rejects of society (the 99% if you will.) Sadly, many martyred saints came from that era as well by the violent overthrow of the oligarchy.