24 May 2014

So This Happened

Feel free to ask Mark Shea why this isn't a big deal.


Jane Chantal said...

Just when you think it can't get any worse.

I think it's reasonable to suppose, at this point, that a large hint is being dropped that we ain't seen nothing yet.

Or is Pope Francis going to explain that his rather pointed, very public actions in this instance were not meant to suggest anything of the sort? ("Hah, fooled ya!")

Anonymous said...

Your question overlooks the fact that LifeSiteNews does not seem to ask why the Pope did this, but the answer would probably be the same if you asked Voris or Akin ... simply because he is our Holy Father. Part of the dilemma is that some don’t separate the office of the Pope from the man who holds the office. The latter is not beyond critique.

The more important question might be to ask ‘what do we tell our children who continue to be scandalized progressive, modernist clergy?’ So, when one of my sons asks ‘Why did the Holy Father kiss the hand of that pro-homosexual activist priest?’ (which by the way, he did when he saw me reading the article on LSN), I tell him that we need to continue our fervent prayers for the Holy Father and for his sanctification, but we are not obliged to follow anyone’s example when they scandalize, compromise or cause confusion to our Catholic Faith. Preservation of the Faith is a reason families gravitate towards homeschooling, indult and Society parishes.


Athelstane said...

Hello Timman,

Unfortunately, both you and I can very easily compose Mark's inevitable answer in advance. And it will include at least one nasty ad hominem shot at judgmental trads.

The charitable xplanation here, by the way, is some combination of ignorance and impulsive recklessness by the Pope. But that does not really reduce the scandal, does it?

Anonymous said...

Hey, your answer is now one click away.

Lifesitenews lies and hates Francis.

Jane Chantal said...

Shea’s blog sanctimoniously references a story of Francis of Assisi kissing the hands of a priest who was known to be fornicating with a local woman, saying “These hands give me Jesus”. Supposedly, Pope Francis was merely imitating the humble and saintly Povarello.

To which I say Sorry, compadres -- not even close.

Note that Francis of Assisi is said to have been brought to an obscure parish priest whose private transgressions had become known to the local citizenry. This is - shall we say - somewhat different than a successor of St. Peter, with forethought, making a gratuitous show of support for a priest who has been publicly and persistently promoting a particular sexual sin, in a cultural climate in which the faithful are - right now - being aggressively targeted by promoters of that very sexual sin.

Note that the priest in the St. Francis story was not publicly extolling fornication as a gift from God.

Note, also, that the priest in the St. Francis story is said to have been stunned into repentance by Francis’s dramatic act of charity. Does anyone know whether Michele de Paolis has publicly repented in response to Pope Francis’s gesture?

I’m sure that some will say oh, none of that matters. All that matters is that de Paolis’ hands are a priest’s hands. Right. Tell that to the children who have been made to feel that they must be receptive to sodomy. Tell that to anybody whose life has been devastated by sexual sin in this culture of “Who am I to judge?”.

Jamie Skojec said...

Concelebrating with a manifest heretic is great. All the cool kids are doing it.

Steve Skojec said...

Concelebrating with material heretics is swell. All the cool kids are doing it.