21 May 2014

The World, the Flesh, and the Devil

Have nothing to fear, it seems.


Anonymous said...

May I quote a clearly uneducated commenter at another web site at which Christians were being criticized for opposition to the homosexual agenda:

"Jesus is rolling over in His grave."

Then I shall let you all ponder that gem.

Long-Skirts said...


Litto froggy cross da pond
Hope some fairy's got a wand
Hit you hard up-side yo head
Shed some light...yo brains is bread.

You ain't got sense, no nuffin'
Brains is made of bran-flake muffin.
Wolfy-sheep done called you near
Ups you hopped ran like a deer.

Him brother froggies followed too
And jumped right in wolf-sheepy's stew.
Then there you be all puffed with pride
And one by one them froggies died.

Then froggy Pop he called, "My sons?"
And wolfy-sheep,his meal all dones,
Says, "Litto frog get outa' hea'.
Tomorrow bring yo sistas dea'.

"And litto frog he hop away
'Cause litto frog he do obey.
And litto froggy hopped, hopped, hop,
Tumbled tripped into Frog Pop.

And froggy Pop asked,
"What you say?"
Said litto frog,
"I do obey,

And all my litto brothers too,
They helped the wolf make sheepy stew.
"Then froggy Pop, him hung him head
And took him son away and led

Him hoppin' down the woodsy lane
And put in froggy's hand his cane
All shiney white to help him see