31 May 2014

This Article Needs to Be Read in Full

Or stay asleep. Whatever.

Rorate has the post with the necessary translations.

Whatever you think about this whole situation, you must at least acknowledge it is an unprecedented novelty.


St. Corbinian's Bear said...

The Bear raises a toast to the King Over the Water, and Good Pope Benedict.

Jane Chantal said...

It is embarrassing beyond words that a situation now exists that invites this kind of journalistic catfighting, parsing of ambiguous language, and fevered examination of tea leaves. But of course, it’s not Messori and Socci’s fault that the situation exists.

What I take away from this article – apart from an Excedrin headache - is that these journalists apparently are unaware that our own Father Z scooped them both when he came up with the catchy but increasingly farcical slogan, “Reading Francis Through Benedict”. If someone had only clued them in, they could have remained firm friends.

Pope Emeritus Benedict may have truly considered himself grown too infirm to continue to be THE pope - how will we ever know, when those who should be talking aren’t, and those who are talking don’t make sense? - but you have to give him credit for remaining a master of deadpan humor: “Having to explain why he had kept the title of “Pope Emeritus”, the name “His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI" and the white cassock, Ratzinger wrote verbatim: “at the moment of my renunciation there were no other clothes available.”

Might as well say it again: you can’t make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I can even follow this, much less understand what I'm supposed to infer from it.

Are people thinking this is some sort of master plan between Benedict and Francis? Or some sort of master plan of Benedict's against Francis? Or something else entirely?

My first thought was "I feel like a pawn in a chess game". Then I realized I'm not even a pawn. I'm just watching the game play out and wondering how it will affect me.

There's just so much we don't know.


Lynne said...

I thought Father Z quietly dropped that slogan (reading Francis through Benedict) because it clearly wasn't working/accurate.

The Passion of the Church

Jane Chantal said...

Could be, Lynne -- it's been a while since I looked in at WDTPRS.

Anonymous said...

I think to say "unprecedented novelty" is redundant.