18 June 2014

"Don't Think Bad Thoughts or We'll Take Your Stuff"

The New National Motto of the United States of America.

My three-old-son has occasionally added a sound effect of his own design whenever he wants to seize some toy or book his sisters might be enjoying at a given moment and he would rather not wait.

He just yells, "Take!" and grabs it. 

Well, the Feds can do that, too.

I am sure this ruling will finally galvanize some real action among those who proclaim their love of the Land of the Free (tm) and Home of the Brave (tm). 

But maybe not.  See, They Had It Coming (tm).

And the finale of Games of Thrones is on...

Oh, well.  First they came for the Washington Redskings owner, but I didn't own the Washington Redskins...

1 comment:

thetimman said...

Though, to the Indians, I guess the original motto was just "We'll take your stuff."