30 June 2014

I Apologize

For posting about this "story" at STLToday, but the headline is absolutely brilliant:

St. Louis gay Pride parade welcomes and adores four newly married city couples

I mean, is there any further evidence needed that a) our society is down the tubes, and b) journalism is beyond dead?

Certainly, an event that acknowledges its "pride" and "adores" mere people (let alone notorious sodomites) is satanic in origin and orientation. But I think you knew that.

Of course, as you must have guessed, too, if you gave this event a nanosecond of thought, the Great Catholic Rainbow Mayor Slay was leading the parade:

ST. LOUIS • Richard Eaton and John Durnell carefully climbed into the back of the ’59 Chevy Impala convertible and eased themselves atop the red vinyl backseat next to St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay.

It was just minutes before Sunday’s annual St. Louis PrideFest parade. Durnell was having a hard time balancing himself and finding the space to hold aloft a sign on a pole with wedding bells.

“Just Married,” it read.

After Durnell got the sign upright, the pair waited in the car and quietly surveyed the scene. Rainbow flags. A balloon float swaying like a giant rainbow sea anemone near the city courts. A guy on stilts. A majorette in drag. A 20-foot-high wedding cake atop a flatbed truck.

And in the middle of it all: The straight, long-married, known-for-his-beige-suits, mayor of their city — sitting right beside them in a purple shirt.


Apparently, the onlookers were far from "disappointed" with Slay:

With a slow turn of the Impala’s red steering wheel, the boat of a car turned right onto Market Street into a gantlet of cheering and adoring people lined four deep. Suddenly, Eaton and Durnell and Slay were rock stars.

“You did it,” screamed the crowd.

“Good for you!” said another.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Just married! Right on! Right on!”

“We love you Mayor Slay!”

And that's that for this edition of Notes from the Bowl.


Anonymous said...

Pretend all they want. We may not have justice on this earth. God will tend to this.

In any event, they are not even "married" in the eyes of temporal law, given the state constitution. It is a complete falsehood to say they are "married."

Cbalducc said...

It's good not to live in a "blue" city.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, Timman. When did you choose to be a heterosexual?
You make it sound like it's a choice, so I'm curious when each reader here made that choice in their life.
Or, if people are born with that orientation, I am wondering if you have suddenly given Satan the power to create people, saying that gay people are "satanic in origin and orientation." Up until your post, I always had presumed that God made people in His image and likeness. IF God made people homosexual from birth, are you condemning God here?

TradDadof4 said...

I am glad they put "adored". I am sure that that is what it looked like to a reporter. It is a new religion, with a new "beloved community". Those who can befoul their body the most get the most reverence. Transgendered are the most worshiped of all. See e.g. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/features/gender-dysphoria-we-lost-a-daughter-but-gained-a-son-7815071.html

thetimman said...


Catholic dogma of original sin. In a nutshell: God made people good. They sinned. That sin caused their fall and brought death into the world. All of their descendants bear the consequences of that fall (except Mary, and Christ).

Thus, all have a tendency to sin that is known as concupiscence. Some have a tendency to one kind of sin. Others to another.

The human person still has free will, and though it is affected by concupiscence it still leaves a person free to sin or not to sin.

You can choose to commit sodomy. You can choose not to commit sodomy. You can choose to steal. You can choose not to steal. And so on.

Thus, God is the good Creator of man. Man sinned, and sins still, through man's own fault.

No one is forced to sin through sodomy anymore than one is forced to sin through adultery or fornication.

Far from my position making satan a creator, yours makes men mere animals.

The Scriptures describe sodomy as a sin crying to Heaven for vengeance. It is a mockery of God's gift of marriage and procreation. Yet you would blandly watch souls risk hell than to love them enough to tell them the truth. That kind of tolerance is not love-- it seems more like the hate we are all supposed to hate.

TradDadof4 said...

TIYs isnt even saying anything thats logical enough to affirm or refute. ... just a bunch of catch-phrases, slogans and notions. Make him/her/it put forward a proposition. Until then, dont even waste bytes on it.

X said...

Does God make people pedophiles?