11 June 2014

"Here's One for You..."

"Did you hear the one about the South African priest I reassigned?"


Anonymous said...

Thankful my faith in the Catholic Church as a whole is not dependent upon having faith in the actions of all those in charge of its earthly Church.

Jane Chantal said...

To state the obvious, this is distressing in the extreme - an outrage so egregious that surely it is time for the faithful of NYC to call out Dolan publicly, vigorously, and without stopping until he either immediately changes direction or is sent packing. NYC's Catholics should be gathering in the streets even as we speak. If the public at large were to be informed - loudly, persistently, and graphically - of Dolan's treatment of a priest such as Fr. Wylie contrasted against the blind eye toward and even public approval of behavior that is a direct affront to Church teaching and to the moral convictions of much of the public in general, I think something might actually be done. The public now "gets" that it is in part because of men like Dolan that sexual predators in the Church were not appropriately dealt with for decades. He should not be permitted to continue to disgrace himself and the Archdiocese of New York, not for one more day, one more minute, one more second. The faithful must rise up and demand that he reinstate Fr. Wylie AND stop treating the traditional Mass like a disease - or RESIGN.

I am very worried about what now may be in store for Fr. Rutler, who I believe is administrator of Holy Innocents. I've been worried for some time that he would eventually find himself on a collision course with Dolan. The more circumspect the good priests are, the better for them in that environment - but there comes a tipping point. Am guessing that Rutler, more than anyone, is aware of what he's dealing with.