03 June 2014

The Reign in Spain

Is mainly ignored on the plains.  OK, that was brutal, but it is a blog, you know. 

King Juan Carlos of Spain, the reigning monarch, has announced that he will abdicate the throne in favor of his son, Prince Felipe.  Apparently, this abdication thing is going around.  Luckily (for clarity's sake), he did not abdicate just half of it, but the whole thing.

If you are a student of the arcane but sometimes fascinating science of European dynastic succession, you might point out that Juan Carlos should not be King anyway, as he is not first in the Legitimist line.  If you are a Carlist, I salute you, but let us deal in the de facto realm for a bit.

Rorate has tweeted some photos of the republicans (read: Catholic-hating, priest-killing, communists) rallying after the announcement of the King's upcoming abdication.  It was an anti-monarchy rally, calling for a Third Spanish Republic.  I want to post some pics below to give you a flavor of it, and to impress upon readers (especially in the U.S.) that monarchy still matters in the minds of many-- and if you don't believe, look at how it motivates the enemies of civilization:

Juan Carlos was as respected a figure to the republicans as a monarch could be.  He reigned over the transition from Generalissimo Francisco Franco's rule of one to a constitutional monarchy; he declined to become an absolute monarch, though reportedly that was Franco's succession plan.  Then, to seal the fate of any semblance of Catholic governance in Spain, he publicly and successfully opposed the attempted military coup in 1981.  I read one Catholic commenter on Twitter put it this way:  Juan Carlos "inherited from Generalissimo a Catholic country and he left us a satanic beach destination."

In Spain, the Civil War is never over.

Like I said, Never Over.
Of course, the mob is not long satisfied with actions such as these, and though he has not yet suffered the fate of his Bourbon ancestors, Juan Carlos has been the subject of much loathing, especially lately.  The monarchy is involved in "scandal", because it came as an apparent surprise that Juan Carlos is wealthy and likes to hunt big game in Africa.  This offends the somewhat-less-wealthy-but-still-plenty-wealthy leaders of the proletariat, I believe.

Truth in advertising, for a change
If you want a concise summary of the republican attitude towards the Church, here you go:

If you want a concise summary of the republican attitude towards Kings, here you go:

That's a mock guillotine.  Mock, for now.

Like I said, Americans don't know from monarchy.  But these things matter more than you realize.  Christendom is dead and buried, as an enfleshed reality.  But when Christendom dies as an ideal, then you will have the end. 

You see that the communists of 1936 have their heirs.  And their opponents? There used to be warriors like these to defend the Faith, King and Country:

Are there any left? Do the defenders of civilization have their heirs? 


St. Corbinian's Bear said...

Life in a post-Christian world. This Bear must confess that he does not foresee the Third World Church everyone is so optimistic about reevangelizing the West like Ireland did after the Dark Ages. A Catholic culture is needed. Third-World Catholicism, for all its merits, will never be more than a bolted-on accessory to the Western cultural apparatus. We need our indigenous culture of Christendom back. Well, as I noted elsewhere, traditionalist Catholics seem to be the only ones who have figured out how sex works, so they might launch the reconquista from their bedrooms.

Siderúrgico said...

Are there any left? Sadly, not very many.

Who's to blame? Mostly Juan Carlos himself and the post-conciliar Spanish Catholic hierarchy.

Juan Carlos always sided publicly with the left and the separatists, thinking that his followers would stick with him no matter what.

The bishops, with few exceptions, discouraged any Catholic political initiative thinking that once the Church distanced itself from politics there would never be a persecution again.

The Second Republic (and the war afterwards) came because Alfonso (a.k.a Alfonso XIII) did pretty much what Juan Carlos has done. However, the Church was solid back then.

At the end of the day, these pictures are a result of Vatican II.

¡Viva S.A.R. Don Sixto Enrique de Borbón-Parma! ¡Viva el Rey Legítimo!

Dios, Patria, Fueros, Rey

thetimman said...

Agreed on all counts. This is a truly Vatican II moment.

Dios, Patria, Fueros, Rey

Aged parent said...

It is a pleasure to read not only the post itself, but the excellent comment of Siderúrgico.

These things do matter.

thetimman said...

Thanks to the commenters here. The Spanish Civil War was, in many ways, "The Last Crusade", as the Warren Carroll brief history of it is titled. If you are an English-speaker with little knowledge of this event, I suggest his book as a great place to start.