11 June 2014

They Had It Coming. You Have It Coming.

The Franciscans had it coming.  Fisher-More had it coming.  Bloggers who noticed too much had it coming.  Journalists who noticed too much had it coming.  Holy Innocents had it coming.  Fr. Wylie had it coming.
You don't think they did?

You have it coming, too. 

And don't expect any help, or even any sympathy.

In thy sight are all they that afflict me; my heart hath expected reproach and misery. And I looked for one that would grieve together with me, but there was none: and for one that would comfort me, and I found none. -- Psalm LXVIII


Long-Skirts said...


Five times banished
Exiled seventeen
Excommunicated champions
God puts at each scene.

Saint Athanasius,
Feast day of worth
On the second of May
The month of great mirth.

Out in the deserts –
As history has charted –
You preserved the true Mass
Great lion-hearted.

Now Lefebvre
And the sixties egalitarians
Like Athanasius,
His time his Arians.

For He who abolished
Death by death
Sent him to absolve
Sin width and breadth.

And yes the same moon
The same sun we're all under…
We venal rain - but Lefebvre

Righteous thunder!!

Wendy in VA said...

Bring it.