24 June 2014

Well, He Would Know

From National Review:

Dick Cheney Predicts Another 9/11 In This Decade


Anonymous said...

There must be some middle ground between Obama's unjust abandonment of Iraqi people and Cheney's gung ho calls for war.

I say we wash our hands of the middle east and its culture. It means that we must expel all non-citizen Muslims from those nations.

All that said, I think it's believable that Islamists unchecked could launch attacks on the US. And with our non-existant immigration regulation, they will be welcome by Obama with open arms.

Anonymous said...

Dear God, you've stooped so low as to quote Dick Cheney????
I think he, Rumsfeld, Bush, Wolfowitz, Rice et al should finally walk the streets of Bagdad where they said they'd be
"greeted with wine and flowers as liberators."

thetimman said...

Toys, I think you might misunderstand my post.

MotherCrab said...


Now I suppose you're going to claim we didn't land on the moon!

thetimman said...

Mother Crab,

Only if you are going to claim we did.

Anonymous said...

Cheney blaming Obama for the failure in Iraq is equivalent to the US military dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and then blaming the Red Cross for all the people who died afterwards.

What does Iraq need? A strong leader who can appease all sides, who can keep the various sects from fighting, who can keep the civil war from breaking out, and who would lead a secular state where ALL religions could openly practice their religion. (Before Bush's invasion, 10% of Iraq citizens openly practiced their Eastern Rite Catholic faith without fear.) In other words, we needed to keep Saddam Hussein in power (okay, maybe ditching his two thug brothers), and the world would be a far more peaceful place, the US wouldn't be so despised around the world, Catholics could have continued practicing their faith, a half million people wouldn't be dead, the rich cultural heritage of Iraq would still exist, and the US wouldn't have added $2 trillion in debt.
(Saddam was no saint, but Iraq was a FAR more peaceful place under his iron fist than after the immoral, unjust, illegal war based on Bush's lies.)