26 June 2014

What a Catholic Hero!

Catholic Mayor Francis Slay (who, as far is publicly known, is not excommunicated) showed great disregard for the law and his oath to uphold it, er, I mean great disdain for the law of God and the teachings of the Church to which he belongs, er, I mean great heroism (yes, that's it!)for making a very popular move which will garner him near universal acclaim.

How?  He has courageously stood up to the laws of Nature and Nature's God, not to mention the Constitution of the State of Missouri, and supported the issuance by his administration of "marriage" licenses to eight persons wishing to pretend to be married by engaging in a formalized type of long-term, consensual sodomy.  Not content with that, he enthusiastically hosted some pretend weddings in his office.  Through Mayor Slay's groundbreaking actions, St. Louis is just the 61,367th city in the United States to engage in this kind of public policy delusion.

In a decent country, one might expect him to be thrown in jail and impeached, in no particular order.

In a properly functioning Church, one might expect him to be called to publicly recant and repent or face a decree of excommunication, ferendae sententiae.

I await the St. Louis Review's coverage of the Archdiocesan response.  As for the State of Missouri upholding its own Constitution, thank goodness we have Catholic-in-good-standing Chris "All Politics, No Prosecutor" Koster as Attorney General, known for his steadfast adherence to principle.

Let the good times roll!


Aged parent said...

Any normal man, let alone a Catholic one, would vomit at the sight of two men engaging in their pseudo-connubial bliss. But this mayor hosts them in his office?

He has gone mad.

Cathy D said...

I attended an immigration seminar at the Danforth Plant Science Center yesterday. Of course he had to mention the political stunt he pulled.