04 July 2014


thetimman said...

Ah, the great Aimee Mann. You are all very welcome.

dulac90 said...

She kinda dresses like her name, doesn't she?

I suppose we should be grateful you didn't post music from....oh never mind.

Long-Skirts said...


Happy Fourth!
Happy Fourth!
Always a Catholic
Firtht of courth.

Happy Fourth
And I say – eth
We’re no descent
Of Henry the eigh – eth!

Happy Fourth
U – S – A
Priests say Latin
Mass each day!

Happy Fourth!
“Latin what??!!”
A firecracker
Up Henry’s…

But… Happy Fourth
Hank’s in his grave
The One, True, Faith
Still frees the brave,

So Happy Fourth
Of God’s July,
In the U – S – A
A Catholic I’ll die!