28 July 2014

First They Came for the Liturgy; Now They're Coming for Doctrine

Paraphrasing from remarks about the upcoming Synod on the Family by Chris Ferrara and Michael Matt at The Remnant.  A very well articulated and concise summary of the problems surrounding this synod, and the threats to the family and to faith posed by the working preparatory documents for it. 

It is the same solution to the same problem:  if the aftermath of Vatican II was a disaster in such-and-such area, well then, let's try more of the same.

At roughly 25:14 of the interview, Ferrara says this:

"We're in a situation where the laity have to stand up for the truth and they have to speak out publicly against what's happening.  ...You can see the stages through which the postconciliar crisis has progressed.  They wrecked the liturgy.  Then they started tampering with evangelization in favor of ecumenism.  Then came interreligious dialogue.  Then the seminaries emptied; the convents emptied; the pews emptied; the schools began to close. 

What's left? Basic moral teachings.

'Thou shalt not commit adultery.' 

'Sodomy is a sin that cries out to Heaven for retribution.' 

Now they want to come and alter the teaching on those fundamental principles of the Natural Law.  That's the last vestige of traditional Catholicism left, and the people participating in this synod are vowing to find a "solution"--as if there were one-- to a predicament that people have placed themselves into because they violate the Divine and Natural Law.  That's the final stage:  the attack on morality itself-- in the name of the People of God."

Brace yourselves, folks.  See you in October.

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