11 July 2014

Number of Polish Catholics in Decline

According to the UK Telegraph. And also according to your own common sense if you paid attention to anything relating to the Church.


Cbalducc said...

One factor for this decline might also have something to do with fading memories of Pope John Paul II. The youngest generation of Poles came of age after his death. The organization "Radio Marija" has also caused some scandal in the Polish Church. Also, mixing religion and nationalism hurts the former in the long run.

ToS said...

"Fading memories of John Paul II"

So he didn't instill faith but merely a cult of personality that sees with his death a decline in Polish Catohlics. Actually I think Poland was in decline during his Pontificate anyway. One wonders where this "the Great" title comes from.

X said...

Poland has always had a very high abortion rate going back to the 30's, because of that I have always suspected that the "Catholicism" of Poland was greatly exaggerated. On the other hand I don't believe for a minute that there is any kind of a resurgence in the faith of Spain or Italy. Those countries are as dead as a body without breath.