09 August 2014

Something Weird Is Going On

I don't normally read Ann Coulter, let alone repost her work. But this piece is a thought-provoker. While reading it, ignore the provocateur lingo and wrestle with the main point: the US is sick, and exports much of its sickness. It has also the potential for so much good. When are we as a nation going to set our house in order morally, so we can then exercise a positive moral influence?

Also, Ebola is bad.

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Anonymous said...

An unrepentant Coulter has written a second Ebola diatribe. Very substantive criticisms of Coulter were made by many people, encapsulated in this essay: “Ann Coulter’s Ebola Fallout” at http://t.co/xz2W3HBcLF.

Ann Coulter has been almost universally criticized for her supremely anti-gospel Ebola polemic against faith-filled Christians seeking to do God’s will in overseas missions. She was almost uniformly excoriated across the Christian community – from biblical scholars, to evangelists, to missionary leaders, to lay members.

Those rare individuals who defended Coulter did so almost uniformly in support of her accurate observations about America’s need for spiritual reformation. Coulter accurately diagnosed a set of serious cultural problems in America that are at root spiritual in nature. But Coulter’s solution – that Christians should be less Christian and not follow God’s call in their lives – is ludicrous.

See The Gospel According to Ann Coulter at www.coulterwatch.com/gospel.pdf.