30 September 2014

Breitbart Runs Confirmation of Burke Move

The rumors have been out there for a while. The rumors have been reported as credible for a while, too. The big questions, I suppose, for any naive Catholics left these days, were two:

1. Would the Pope sack the Cardinal before or after the Synod against on the Family, which begins on October 5?

2. Would the backlash against this seemingly mean-spirited, petty and unjust move cause the Pope to change his mind-- not in removing Burke, but at least moving him in a more dignified fashion and to a more appropriate position?

The first question remains unanswered by this article from Breitbart, while the second question is answered "no".

I post it for the record, and also to give you a general caution on Internet news. The author of the piece is undoubtedly right, but there are two links within the story to Saint Louis Catholic blog. So, we may be scraping the bottom of the barrel here. #humblebrag ;-)

In any event, keep praying for Cardinal Burke, for the Pope, and for this Synod. The Rosary novena for the protection of the family continues to October 7.

We need help.


Marc said...

Whoa... I had Dewey's Pizza with a celebrity!

Methodist Jim said...

Who? ;)