25 September 2014

Catholics and the Bourbon Dynasty

How could I not link to this spiffy little piece over at OnePeter5 giving an insight into the Catholic contribution to the development of bourbon? Interesting, with some cool Catholic history thrown in.

Bourbon. Proof God exists and that He loves us.

Just for the record, I love both kinds of drinks-- bourbon and chartreuse.

What? There are other drinks?


Scott Broadway said...

Thanks for the link -- glad you enjoyed my post. What's your favorite bourbon?

thetimman said...

My pleasure.

I have to say I like Blanton's the best, but I have many favorites. My favorite value pick at the moment is Buffalo Trace.

Anonymous said...

You must try Pinckney Bend, distilled in New Haven, MO. It recently won a gold medal in blind taste test competition against many of the 'big boys' in the Bourbon/Whiskey business.