08 September 2014

"Why do we have to lose all the time?"

So asks an exasperated Matthew Hennessy at Crisis Magazine.

If he isn't careful, he might get Dolanized, too.


Long-Skirts said...


The beginning of Wisdom
Is Fear of the Lord
So Wisdom with age
I’ve seen no accord.

So you’ve lived five decades,
Seen the world more than twice
But what have you learned
That sinners are nice?

That sinners eat
And sinners drink
And sinners read
And sinners think!

And sinners have
Sincere desires
Like remodeling rooms
With art that inspires

And compels one to lift
His goblet of wine
To toast all we want
And make want, what is mine!

So all in modern
Shall acknowledge their versions
Of propriety

And when you die
They’ll bring goblets, blessed lockets…
But they’ll realize, too late…
The Cardinal’s shroud has no pockets!

Anonymous said...

I was reading some of the combox posts from the article you linked to. This, in part, by a poster named 'Guest' who nails it:

"My concern with this and other stances of the Church, not only here but across the world, is the confusion that this is creating ... I think this will only lead to more confusion and a further watering down of what it means to be a Catholic."

And regardless of what your views about Michael Voris are, he nails it.

Not one of St. Louis' finest sons. Cardinal Dolan, will you please stop? And if you won't stop, will you please step down?


Anonymous said...

You'll like this snippet that came to me this a/m in regard to Timothy Cardinal Dolan:

"Living in the limelight, the universal dream...."

The Bear said...

"Kiss me, I'm Irish!" suddenly got so much more complicated.

Anonymous said...

Dolan, Dolan, Dolan.
Keep them qweers a movin,
Ain't no disapprovin'
Know why?

Don't try to understand him,
Just bolo rope and brand him,
Seems to be just livin' high and wide.
No know why.

Doesn't hold a candle to LongSkirts, but there it is.

Rau Hyde

Anonymous said...

Can't this man ever stop laughing like a clown, totally embarrasing as a prince of the Church. Remember as the Archbishop of Milwaukee he wore a "cheese head" hat during an outdoor Mass. And most of all, his hatred of the TLM concerning Holy Innocents parish in New York City.