18 September 2014


I really hate to give her the hits, but this fantastical attempt by the Patheos Den Mother of Everything (except tradition) is Awesome to spin the Cardinal Burke news is a must read. WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRINK COFFEE WHILE READING!

There is no enormity that will rouse the neocatholic brute squad.


Jane Chantal said...

I thought nothing could make me smile just now, but the tortured sound of credulity being strained past the breaking point by Ms. Scalia has done it. Her rather, uh, gossamer thesis is dealt with very capably by some of the commenters on her blog, particularly Patrick Archbold who points out the painfully obvious: “This is the equivalent of going from Chief Justice of SCOTUS to Walmart greeter”, and a gentleman named Jean-Francois, who says: “We are concerned that an orthodox, holy cardinal has been removed from his office for no apparent reason other than for his orthodoxy and defense of the Faith. He had the skill set for the office he held that few if any other Cardinals possess. You might make an engineer head of customer service at Boeing, but I don’t think many would want the head of customer service to be the head of engineering the next 747.”

Some Random Carmelite said...


Thanks for the coffee warning on that, you saved my laptop.

Just out of curiosity, have you read Fr. Z's take on it over on WDTPRS?


Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh. Is she serious?

Athelstane said...

Every time I think we've got a development she can't put an irenic spin on...she comes through.

What would it take? Rehabilitating Arius? Selling condoms out of the Vatican giftshop?

If she keeps this up, Fr. Lombardi may be out of a job.

St. Corbinian's Bear said...

I read it earlier. No joke, I thought she was making some sort of point that went right over poor old Bear's head. She was serious?