11 September 2014

If You're Waiting for the Neocatholics to Join You...

...You will be waiting quite awhile.  

Forget all of your past surprise over various members of the hierarchy throwing Catholic teachings in the dustbin-- you know the teachings that in the good old days, LIKE TWO YEARS AGO, seemed pretty clear.  

Forget that in nearly every case, your favorite neocatholic blogger failed to be alarmed.  Sudden radical Papal sanations via the telephone game.  The constant drumbeat to just-shut-up-already-about-the-Gospel-because-it-embarrasses-our-worldly-friends.  Your love of the Mass of the Ages, that just seven years ago was acknowledged to have been in full force and effect from early days until now, well that's unreasonable nostalgia.  Other religions are just as good as yours, or at least good enough on their own.  Lighten up.

The dark hints that the hierarchy will join the Jews of Sixth Chapter of the Gospel of St. John in rejecting the truth about the Eucharist, via amending the teaching about the indissolubility of marriage.  And what do those two teachings have in common?  They both were pronounced by the very mouth of Our Lord.

If Jesus Christ is considered hopelessly "out-of-date", what does it say for any Catholic?  Are you really prepared to go along to get along on the rejection of Christ's own words in order to remain comfortable for a time?

But if you NOTICE any of this weirdness, any of this horrific confusion, any of the many ways our bishops of all ranks are leading us to accommodate the world at the expense of the faith, YOU are a PHARISEE.

You see, you are the problem.  I am the problem.  Catholics are a big problem.  You noticed that homosexuality is listed in the New Testament as a crime crying out to Heaven for vengeance? You bigot.  You noticed Christ said marriage is not severable by man, and that those who "remarry" after a divorce are committing adultery?  You pharisee; mercy trumps all!  And God help you if you notice that encouraging sacrilegious Communion by "remarried" couples is a gravely sinful matter, for both the receiver and the encourager.  

I have been really struggling to find blogging material in the past while for two reasons:  1) I obviously think things are in bad shape in Rome and the world.  You know that too, if you read here.  So, while it is necessary to sound the alarm for those who are still unwary or are honestly seeking the key to reconciling all this, it can get to be so much warning and doom as to be spiritually depressing-- for you and me; and, 2) I don't for the life of me have it figured out myself, except to continue to be Catholic and pray for the graces of Faith, Hope and Charity.  My prayer life is not particularly satisfying at the moment.

In the end, as Christopher Ferrara stated well, I am trying to pick my spots, commenting when I think it can't go unmarked, but otherwise trying to keep my peace of mind.  I don't want to be like the man in the great Bob Dylan's Lonesome Day Blues, who says, 'I keep thinking that something's coming, but it never does.'

So, on to today's post.  One of the ringleaders of the Neocatholic Brute Squad, Elizabeth Scalia, seeks to exonerate Cardinal Dolan for being the source of dismay to faithful Catholics in New York and elsewhere who have had the Church's back for so many years on the subject of the St. Patrick's Day Parade.  She exonerates him for encouraging those attached to the sin of sodomy that they are A-OK just the way they are.  She exonerates him for following the winds out of the Vatican that we don't really care whom or what people interact with in imitation of the marriage act.

In short, my current opinion is that there is NO ENORMITY that will awaken the brute squad to complain.  Books to sell!  Articles to write!  Faithful religious orders to crush!  And don't forget the Quest to Find the Elusive Reverent Novus Ordo  (It's out there!).

Here is a link to her article, if you can stand it.  The siren call of capitulation is seductive-- you can be so smart and holy and world-friendly, all at the same time!  Open the windows wide to the world, let in the fresh air.  Don't be a pharisee!


L said...


"We would sign the Credo with our own blood."

Many a Convent
Where good sisters pray
Because of vocations
The True Mass each day

Many a school
Which we pay for in tears
But a Catholic culture
Allays all our fears

Retreats, Seminaries
For souls to discern
To hear Jesus call
"Come, it's your turn."

And then there's those prelates
Who stop and deter
Yet worse our own kind
Who ignore and defer

Preserving not
The Whole Truth inherited
Believing the liars
Who assert "they've not merited"

As souls still drown
In their waterless flood
I stick with the Credo
Signed in Priests' blood!

Lynne said...

Sorry! I refuse to read any blog on Patheos. Is that the one where she closed down the comments?

All we can do is keep going to our reverent TLMs (I attend an SSPX chapel) and keep the Faith. Have you done the Total Consecration to Mary? The next start date for the 33-day preparation is Oct 19th. Check out this website.

Pete said...

Hey, remember when Notre Dame invited President Obama to speak at commencement and even gave him an honorary degree? I guess they were Dolanizing--you know, engaging the other side in spirited debate, avoiding pharisaicalness and harsh judgments, following Christ where sinners dwell in order to convert them. They said all these things but nobody believed them. They got the third degree from bishops and neo-cons. Except E. Scalia http://www.patheos.com/blogs/theanchoress/2009/03/24/the-devils-own-at-notre-dame/. Perhaps the university should hire her--she could write some nice things about ND's Christian virtues.

And by the way, isn't Obama a much better person for having had the Gospel preached to him at commencement? These things always work out.

meemee said...

Here's a good "neocon" takedown of Scalia's article:


Anonymous said...

Her commenters lambasted her right off the bat.

Athelstane said...

Naturally, of course, Mark Shea was right behind her with his own endorsement of Dolan (and the Pope's celebration of marriage for cohabiting couples) - not exuberant in his support, perhaps, but full of fury for the Pharisees in our midst.

Because, you know, we've always been at war with Eastasia.

Elizabeth said...

Sorry, I just can't read anything written by Elizabeth Scalia. For that matter, I won't read anything on Patheos. But thanks for the great piece, as usual.

@Lynne: Thanks for the nudge on the Total Consecration to Mary! I needed that, as well as the next optimal start date. And yes, that website is awesome, isn't it?