26 September 2014

Isaias 62:1

Regarding this article by Christoper Ferrara, I will repeat what he himself says:

A caution to the reader: What follows is a very harsh assessment of the current pontificate. I felt compelled to write it, but no one is compelled to read it. I am nothing and nobody in the great scheme of things...

If you want no part of it, that's your call. But I think there is a ton of truth in it, and that it merits attention.

Pray for the Holy Father and the Church!


Jane Chantal said...

Well, I don't call it "harsh" - I call it polite.

If voices are not raised against what is happening, we're lost.

Anonymous said...

"I am nothing and nobody in the scheme of things"

That is true in this regard: The people reading this article will either already agree with most of it, or will dismiss it because it came from the Remnant.

I don't hold out much hope of convincing the unconvinced. At this point I'm more concerned with what comes next and what we can do beyond prayer. As I've said before, imagine if our next pope is Burke (or someone like him). He's already not terribly popular outside traditional circles. What a task he will have trying to undo the damage being done right now!

Hmmm...as I typed that last sentence I realized maybe that wasn't the right way to think about it. I suppose it's not the pope's job to 'undo' the damage, just to speak the truth, protect the deposit of faith, and let the Holy Spirit do it's work.

Still, I feel like I did in 2012, after the last presidential election. I feel like I'm standing on the sidelines watching so much ground being lost and realizing how far we'll have to go just to get to the point we were a few years ago.


Elizabeth said...

@Greenlight: Couldn't agree more. Those of my family and friends who consider themselves Catholic love this Pope. I don't even try to talk about it anymore with them because they seem to have decided that I'm one of those wacky Catholics that *gasp* read The Remnant :)

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I know what you mean. Within three months after his election, I kept getting the same question: "So, what do you think of our new Pope?"

It was almost always phrased just like that, with a sort of upbeat inflection, like "How 'bout them (insert name of winning sports team)". Talking doesn't seem productive so I haven't done much of it myself, saving my commentary for safe places like this, but I know that not talking sure isn't the answer. How we respond in these situations may be planting the seeds for the next pope is viewed. The problem for me is that I rarely know the right thing to say.


Elizabeth said...

Greenlight: Exactly! I rarely know the right thing to say, and often say it in the wrong way. A bit of a hot-head am I, prone to sarcasm. Not helpful at all, I realize :) So now I make every attempt to zip my lips but, as you say, that's not really the answer either.