04 September 2014

Not Content to Steal Parishes, Bozek Now Wants Hang Out at Your Daughters' School

Thanks to the reader who sent me the following Facebook link.


The pro-sodomy, anti-Catholic crowd wants to "share" their "love" at Cor Jesu Academy. I presume this description is metaphorical only. I further presume that their manner of "sharing" this "love" will be to attack the Catholic school for being Catholic. You know, the usual.

What made me giggle with just a tiny bit of girlish glee was the fact that Mr. Marek Bozek plans to be there. After all, there might be media, and he has his own microphone.

There. You've been put on notice.

*Just a clarification on my previous Cor Jesu post-- I agree with some who have commented that Cor Jesu is indeed the best (in terms of Catholic identity) of the very flawed all-girl Catholic high school bunch. So, I certainly acknowledge it has many good elements; my point in the story was that the state of Catholic education has produced many graduates who have no compunction opposing their schools precisely for pursuing their Catholic mission. The fact that Cor Jesu is comparatively better than most rather confirms my thesis.


Bsdouglass said...

a first Friday too...

Anonymous said...

It's not just Catholic Schools fault, that's too easy to blame. It's "Catholic" parents, even more so.

If what the school is teaching isn't backed up at home, then good luck making anything stick.

Anonymous said...

Well, my daughter just came home from school in tears, worried about having to walk past the protestors, worried that everyone will think Cor Jesu is full of hateful homophobes, and worried about the nuns who have been so loving to all the girls and can't talk about what really happened and have to just sit there and take the abuse in the public sphere.

I gave her a pretty good fatherly talk and she seems okay now but I'm spittin' mad and if this scene is playing out all across town it wouldn't surprise me if the protestors are outnumbered by a bunch of angry parents.