06 October 2014

A Great Idea for the Feast of St. Bruno

St. Bruno founded the first house of the Carthusian order in 1084 and later, under Pope Urban II, helped the real pope against the efforts of an antipope who made alliance with the worldly.

Why not today, on his feast, raise a glass of the best (not merely spiritual) thing the Carthusians gave civilization? 

Then, again, why not raise two glasses of Chartreuse?


Long-Skirts said...

Timman said:
"why not raise two glasses of Chartreuse?"

Here, here!!


To be "Hanged in their habits"
What a glorious thing
For their silence screamed,
"Christ is the King!"

And like the Innocents
So Holy, that died
With sword-cut bodies
Their mothers cried

And wept like mothers
Do today
Who send their sons
Into the fray

Like Innocent Carthusians
With staff and rod
Who continue the defence...
The Priest-sons of God!

Karen said...

Long Skirts,

You continue to amaze! I love your poems!

Karen said...

Is this the brand you recommend?

STLCarmelite said...

I can thoroughly recommend it it. The Wine Merchant down the street from my office in Clayton has both varieties (thank God). If you've never tried it before I'd recommend starting with the lighter, yellow version, as it's slightly less vegetal and alcoholic.