05 October 2014

A Nice Little Human Interest Story in the Post-Dispatch Where People Pretend This Isn't Child Abuse

Read at the risk of your own lunch:

Max was born a girl, but always felt like a boy


Barto the Inquirer said...

I have never heard any description of what "final disposition" is desired by conservatives or traditionalists regarding the whole LGBT matter. Prior to the Revolution of the Sixties, all the people now considered under the LGBT category were simply forced to conform to society's norms (at least outwardly), or face the prospect of having no way to survive (no housing; no job). Do conservatives or traditionalists really want to return to that? LGBT people really are "born that way," for the most part. Some can/could adapt to traditional gender norms and be relatively happy, but not all of them. Again, while there is widespread agreement among social conservatives and traditionalists that state marriage licenses should not be extended to same sex couples, I never hear what the "endgame" on this matter for conservatives and traditionalists. I wonder what it is. Very few nine year old girls will declare that she is really a boy and that she now wants to live as a boy. But for the rare few, I really don't know what the right or parental response or societal response is or could be. Does anyone else?

thetimman said...

Sure I do. You parent the best you can, treat them as the gender they were born in, and teach chastity per their state of life like anyone else.

thetimman said...

I mean, really. Would you fatten up a tendency to gluttony, or provide victims to a tendency to anger, or trysts to a tendency to lust?

blank said...

Well I have now been convinced that many many people in our world are totally deceived and confused.
It is harming the children. How dare you!
There is only one truth, what a mess you all make our world when you make up your own false truths.
God help us all.

Anonymous said...

Actually the People's Republic of Kalifornia is making it a crime to withhold sex, whatever that means under the law...so yeah, I guess we're saying it is a right to provide trysts to a tendency to lust.


Jane Chantal said...

Timman’s comment makes sense: good parenting basics, which include imparting a proper understanding of chastity, are applicable to all youngsters.

I happen to think that some – not all – people who identify themselves as “LGBT” etc. are indeed “born that way”, but I believe it is more compassionate to encourage such individuals to accept their ambiguities as they would any cross, and learn to find peace and joy outside the currently fashionable box of dangerous and disfiguring surgeries, hormone treatments, etc. People are only freaks if they choose to treat themselves as such.

(And I would hope that Catholics, at least, are still capable of appreciating the difference between corrective surgery on a deformed limb, and surgery to alter an individual’s outward sexual characteristics.)

We live in a culture that permits those ADULTS who are so inclined to alter their bodies to fit what they regard as their true identity. They will live with the consequences, which are unpredictable and so dramatic that society has no business goading children and adolescents toward such an extreme. The existence of sexual ambiguity in some individuals does not justify a campaign to force schools to treat male or female gender identity as some valueless, ambiguous “concept” rather than as a wholesome reality.

In the comparatively few cases in which a child at school feels traumatized by the expectation that he or she accept the designation of either “boy” or “girl” in conformity with his or her gender as noted at birth, I’m guessing that there are alternatives to traumatizing everyone else.