05 October 2014


In the midst of many appalling news items in the Church, this stands out as exceptionally appalling. Excommunication is a medicinal remedy, you know.

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Barto the Bee said...

In 1918, shortly after the end of World War I, Cardinal Mercier said: "On behalf of the Gospel and in light of the Encyclicals of the last four Popes, Gregory XVI, Pius IX, Leo XIII and Pius X, I do not hesitate say that this indifference to religion, which puts on the same level the religion of divine origin and the religions invented by men in order to include them in the same skepticism is the blasphemy that attracts punishment on society, much more than sins of individuals and families." What the Cardinal did not know was that within fifty years, the Masonic Blasphemy of religious freedom would be named by a council that would engulf the entire Catholic Church in a state of diabolical disorientation. Since then the blasphemous religious freedom, along with many other heresies, is chanted together by the enemies of the Church and the hierarchy of the Church, something never seen in history. Many ideas that were previously unthinkable or sacrilegious, heretical and blasphemous judged, are now preached from pulpits under the label of "ecclesial magisterium." Source: http://nonpossumus-vcr.blogspot.com/