18 October 2014

At the Oratory Sunday: Archbishop Carlson Leads Procession with Relic of St. Louis IX

From The St. Louis Review

Archbishop Carlson to lead procession with relic of King St. Louis IX

ST. LOUIS – Archbishop Robert J. Carlson will lead a procession with a relic of King St. Louis IX, patron and namesake of the City of St. Louis, on Sunday, October 19. The solemn event will begin at St. Francis de Sales Oratory (2653 Ohio Ave.) at 5 p.m. Archbishop Carlson will give a homily about King St. Louis IX after the procession. A reception will follow in the church basement.

The Archdiocese of St. Louis has been an active participant in the STL250 celebrations commemorating the 250th anniversary of the founding of the City of St. Louis. Additionally, the year 2014 marks the 800th anniversary of King St. Louis IX's birth. The procession this Sunday follows a weekend of celebrations in August that were attended by Prince Louis de Bourbon, a direct descendant of St. Louis, as well as numerous bishops and archbishops from around the country. Collectively these events are affectionately referred to as "CatholicSTL250." :


Anonymous said...

Barto: It seems you have not visited St. Francis de Sales Oratory, at least not recently. It is not located in a "crime-ridden ghetto". The neighborhood around the campus has changed considerably the last 10 years. It would be misleading to tell people that it is dangerous to attend the liturgy here.

Canon Wiener

Anonymous said...

It means he wants to keep the trads happy. That's all. Mary

thetimman said...

Mary and Barto,

Really, I don't understand why it just can't be Local Ordinary visits a Catholic Church in his diocese and does something Catholic.

Can we all rejoice in that?