16 October 2014

Cardinal Burke to Those Who Do Not Link the Morals Crisis with the Liturgical Crisis

Cardinal Burke, in the interview in Il Foglio I linked in my previous post, has this to say about the link between liturgy and morals.  When we understand this truth, restoration is possible. 

Q:  Do you not think that the crisis in morals is deeply involved with the crisis in liturgy?
A:  Certainly.  In the post-conciliar period a collapse of the life of faith and of ecclesiastical discipline has taken place, seen especially in the liturgical crisis.  The liturgy has become an anthropocentric activity. It has ended up by being a reflection of the idea of man instead of the right of God to be adored as He himself asks.  From here, in the moral sphere attention is focused almost exclusively on the needs and wants of men, instead of on what the Creator has written in the hearts of his creatures.  The lex orandi is always bound to the lex credendi.  If someone does not pray well, then he does not believe well and therefore he does not behave well.  When I go to celebrate the Traditional Mass, for example, I see so many beautiful young families with so many children.  I do not believe that these families do not have problems, but it is evident that they have more strength to confront them.  This has to say something.  The liturgy is the most perfect and most complete expression of our life in Christ, and when all of this is lessened or is betrayed every aspect of the life of the faithful is harmed.


Barto (with 1962 Missal in hand) said...

But, as far as I know, Cardinal Burke never links the general crisis in the Church and society to the texts of the Vatican II Council. As far as I can tell, he never speaks or writes about how that Council injected poisonous errors into the Church, following exactly the supposedly "pastoral" approach that Pope Francis and Company (Kasper, etc.) have been trying to use to foist error upon the Church via the current Synod. As far as I know, Cardinal Burke never talks about how the Council contradicted earlier papal texts against religious Modernism, religious Liberalism, Ecumenism, and Religious Liberty. Liberal, human-centered liturgy is only a reflection of the liberal, human-centered texts of the Vatican II Council. Until those texts are "deposed" from their ruling position in the Church, the crisis will never end, and will just get worse (as it is now that Pope Francis and his clique control the Vatican). Pope Benedict was well on his way to relegating the Vatican II Council texts to a diminished position in the overall Tradition of the Church--and then suddenly he was out of office.

Barto (with 1962 Missal in hand) said...

Fr. Marek Bozek was a priest turned heretic who Cardinal Raymond Burke had to battle--and excommunicate--back in 2008 when Cardinal Burke was archbishop of St. Louis. Now move ahead in time to 2014, and--surprise, surprise!--Cardinal Burke is once again doing battle with Fr. Marek Bozek. Except now Fr. Bozek is using the name Pope Francis.

Maybe it would be better to say that in both cases Cardinal Burke's battle was against the "spirit of the world." An article on Fr. Bozek reported: "Fr. Bozek has reportedly supported homosexuality in the Church and women’s ordination....St. Stanislaus member Diana Daley, speaking after Mass on Sunday, said that the priest was 'bringing people back while the rest of the Catholic Church is driving them away'.” http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/priest_of_breakaway_st._louis_parish_says_he_is_willing_to_step_down/

Fr. Bozek frequently cited the Vatican II Council to justify himself. Here's just one example from an article: "When Bozek reached St. Louis, following a retreat in Peru, the official letter from Archbishop Burke was waiting. It implored him to desist from his disobedience 'for the sake of your immortal soul.' To Bozek, this was borderline heresy: a warning that unless he was a priest in good standing his salvation was at stake. He knows his recent church history: 'The Second Vatican Council teaches that all men of faith can be saved,' he points out firmly." http://www.natcath.org/NCR_Online/archives2/2008a/022208/022208a.htm

Fr. Bozek may not be at the Synod on the Family, but its leaders (Pope Francis, Card. Kasper, Card. Schonborn, Card. Marx, et al) certainly are in total agreement with all the principles by which Fr. Bozek conducts his ministry.

For Card. Burke, this must seem like St. Stanislaus all over again. Except canon law does not allow him to excommunicate the Fr. Bozek-ians in this context.