07 October 2014


Of course, whose hypocrisy? And which servants? A popular radical tactic is to inoculate against criticism by labeling your enemies with the bad traits that could be pointed out against yourself. Is there nothing to stop the heresy-in-the-name-of-mercy zeitgeist?

Pope to Synod on the Family: God’s dream always clashes with the hypocrisy of some of his servants

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Jeanne Holler said...

Why do any of us think we can bargain with God ....why do we proclaim to be such good people and condone what we do ... I remember those days ...today is a new day and I am called to live and grow in holiness and be a Saint ...yep you and I ..called to live THE TRUTH, the complete TRUTH ....now for the "new ways" of the modern world ....let us cling to GOD ALONE and His Kingdom!