26 October 2014

Feast of Christ the King

Wherever you are on this great feast day of Our Lord and King, I wish you Christ's blessings.

Unless Christ reigns as King we will never have peace, either in this world or the next. 

Christus vincit!  Christus regnat! Christus imperat!


Long-Skirts said...


“You can have no life in yourselves, unless you can eat
The Flesh of the Son of man, and drink His Blood.”
(John 6: 52-54)

When He multiplied --
The loaves and fishes --
He startled their eyes.

When He fills their stomachs
The social justice crowd

“What else can religion
Do for man,

Fill our gullets,
Make us prosperous
Oh, be our bread King!

And why not forget
This Bread
Of Life…

Make it a
Figure of speech,
Less strife.”

So the masses abandoned,
The elite walked away
And Judas prepared, Him, to betray.

“I Am
The Light of the world,
The Door,

I Am the Good Shepherd”
Resurrected Sacre-

“…the Way, the Truth,”
Of Whom
Angels sing,

“…True Vine,
…Bread of Life”
I Am Christ the King!”

Karen said...

God bless you on your travels and anxiously await your return. Am missing your posts, but oh, how refreshed and restored you will be!