07 October 2014

Pope Francis Names New Vatican Dicastery

It's called the Ministry of Truth, or "Minitrue", in the Newspeak of Catholic "graduality".

You can bet that Trent will go down the memory hole. And the Gosoels will be edited in light of Newspeak. But don't worry, we have always been at war with Eurasia tolerated sodomitical relations.

"It's time to pick a side."-- Johnston Green


Christophe said...

I am gradually beginning to understand the Church's teaching on theft, and the ideal of not stealing. Last week I stole $1,000 but I realize now I fell short of the ideal. I cannot yet fully live the ideal, but I'm getting there -- today I will steal only $500. By next week, I think I'll be able to refrain from stealing at all. See you at Communion!

Karen said...

I have never heard of the "law of graduality". Ever!

I now see how it will go. We will gradually go downhill to hell while telling ourselves and everyone else that we are gradually going uphill to heaven. It's all just a matter of each one's perspective. If you are in the middle (a confused/sinning faithful who needs concrete spiritual guidance), you could be going uphill if viewed by someone lower down the slope (possibly some of our bishops?). If they are at the bottom and are leading, where are we all going?

What a mess! It makes me want to turn my eyes away, but I know I will have to watch the ugliness play out.

Oh wait, I have heard of this law before; it used to be called relativity/heresy.

Nothing new here. Move along.

Anonymous said...

Tell me about how Jesus judged?

Anonymous said...

For those of us who have matured in both age and Faith, this is pretty easy really. Just keep the Religion as handed down by the true Catholic champions of Christ and don’t sweat the heretics at the helm in the Church at present.

The distress of this all really is the damage that these heretics are inflicting on our children making our jobs as Catholic parents all the more difficult. Pray for Pope Frank* and the heretics at the helm. Pray most especially for the good sons of the Church who are marginalized and bear the burden of preaching the true Faith with their action and deed. They are the modern day martyrs.


* - you may think ‘Pope Frank’ disrespectful, but I would posit that the Holy Father would warm to the sobriquet of Francis, being the guy that he is.

Long-Skirts said...


Oh Kasper, so merry
Catholic contrary
How does our mortal sin grow?

In our sodality
So you’re in like Flynn, sin and go!”

St. Corbinian's Bear said...

Room 101 will feature a Clown Mass with, well, as many German bishops as they can get into a little car.