25 November 2014

Basically "Nothing Left"

That's how St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar described Ferguson today, after the riots and arson and terror of the night.

It sure appears Ferguson was sacrificed last night to thugs, in order to localize the damage. Of course, I wasn't there so don't consider this as any real critique of the police, as I am sure that dispersal of officers to make arrests would have endangered their lives exponentially. Belmar said he personally heard at least 150 gunshots in his patrols. Friends, that's a lot.

I won't bore you by belaboring the point that destroying businesses and stealing and shooting at neighbors doesn't really "get justice"; just view some of the footage of business owners (most of whom are minorities-- though that does not matter) weeping over their livelihoods being taken.

Some wonder why Gov. Nixon made such a big deal of calling up the National Guard and declaring a state of emergency-- and then not using them. Well, I guess he should answer that. I recall how Nixon, who hails from De Soto, stated repeatedly that he wanted every city in Missouri to be just like De Soto (it's one of the reasons I didn't vote for him). Well, I don't think De Soto would have stood for last night.

Of course, all of our anemic, leftist, do-gooder friends got to feel good about themselves by walking across I-44, knowing they faced no threat from the police, who fear being made out like Mississippi State Troopers from 1966. These types are out in Clayton today, posing for the cameras. They include our Catholic "social justice" fellow travelers. They wouldn't dare go to Ferguson to join their more militant comrades in the struggle. Part of being a good liberal is never connecting your beliefs and actions with reality.

The police in the city seemed to be more inclined to prevent the destruction of the town. We hope that remains true.

I think that this is an after sunset problem for the next few days.

We'll see. Where will the thugs go now that Ferguson is destroyed?


Fergie'sSon said...


Anonymous said...

Don't blame the 'left' - the riots were not about true protesting. I don't know any leftists who condone this behavior. Anyone who says the riots were justified is just trying to cause havoc not work for justice.

thetimman said...

The respectable left gives aid and comfort, and gives cover. It encourages criminal behavior by cloaking it with the false label of free speech.

JBQ said...

I did not believe it at first but the governor intentionally held back the National Guard and allowed the businesses to burn. He has national ambitions as a vice president with Hillary. All that our good archbishop has to say is this is all caused by "systematic racism". He appears to be just one more "hug a thug" Christian leader. The Gov turns around and appoints a 16 member "Ferguson Commission) (9 blacks--7 other). He conveniently leaves out the Archdiocese as well as St. Louis University from any influence. Can't the archbishop see that Catholicism is viewed as the enemy? The events in Ferguson are only a pretext for the real left wing radical agenda.