08 November 2014

Dear Modernists: Enjoy Your Few Remaining Years, or Months, or Days, of Glee

It is official: at age 66, His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke has been removed as Prefect of the Signatura and given a ceremonial assignment usually reserved for retired Cardinals. The most humble of humble popes has named Cardinal Burke as Patron of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta.

This attempt at humiliating His Eminence will only serve to show forth his humility. Instead of denigrating him, it denigrates the authority wielding the knife.

If you want hypocrisy over and above this, just read the comments by the compassionate, loving liberals at NCR.

The cross was a symbol of infamy-- until Our Dear Lord was nailed to it, making it the throne of His Glory. I am not seeking for hyperbole here when I say that the position of Patron of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta will be elevated by the man who fills the role. In fact, when--When-- the restoration occurs, I say that this position should be handed down as a particularly coveted honor.

God will arise, and His enemies will be scattered.

God bless Cardinal Burke. And He will.


Long-Skirts said...

Cardinal Burke is not alone...

In the words of BRAVEHEART'S, William Wallace, "Unite us!"


Who'll say Mass
Assumption Feast?
No longer done
Said parish priest.

Who will baptize
Little one?
More important

The Catholic Faith
Please teach my child?
Not I, said nun born-

Who will help
Teach catechism?
Don't call it that
It sounds like schism.

Who will hear
My child confess?
We're all forgiven

Who will give
The angels' Bread?
Sue and Fred.

Confirm my teens
Their souls they're losing?
That must be done
Of their own choosing.

So little mother
Walked away
Hating to
Look bold.

Never orphaned
Clung to Cross
Her gold.

Then up above
On mountain top
A man in white
He stood.

Just one more Bishop
Who'll try to stop...
What's good.

But Bishop lifted
Up her Cross
His sons helped
Bear the weight.

And Pilgrims in
Progressive lands
Continued in

They handed down
What they were taught
Vocations now
They flourish

And others old
Who loved new-thought
Had only crust
To nourish.

But little mother
Saw their tears
Starving for
What's true...

Come in, come in,
We've waited years...
His Bread, for many,
For you!!!

Anonymous said...

As outrageous as it is, I, too, can't help feeling there's a little bit of a please-don't-throw-me-in-the-briar-patch vibe to whole situation. I'm not sure why and I have no facts to base it on but 'Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta'? Cool! How can I become a Knight? Do they have a crest or something? I'd wear it proudly.


Sam said...

If Cardinal Burke really is as humble as you say he is, why doesn't he come back to the U.S. and become a parish pastor? God knows there are a lot of parishes that need a resident pastor. Come to think of it, I don't believe he's ever been a pastor. He might enjoy it.

thetimman said...

Sam, one doesn't name oneself pastor. The competent authority does that. You are thinking of Bozek, right?

If Burke were named a parish priest, he would do it. You don't get him at all, I think.

Sam said...

I know he doesn't name himself pastor. But if let it be known that he was interested, I'm sure the diocese in which he was incardinated would welcome him with open arms.

Athelstane said...

...why doesn't he come back to the U.S. and become a parish pastor?

Someone has got to appoint him first.

And I do believe there are some parishes that would be thrilled to have him, if it came to that. My word - the Oratory would put out the bunting for him.

I don't believe he's ever been a pastor.

No he has not, but he is not without pastoral experience - he has been an assistant rector and a high school teacher.

Speaking of pastors, Pope Francis - while he has held some fascinating lay jobs - was never a pastor, either. Let's not cast our stones too freely.

Athelstane said...

If you want hypocrisy over and above this, just read the comments by the compassionate, loving liberals at NCR.

It's amusing to me to see how often traditionalists are accused of being mean-spirited.

But there's nothing in the Catholic world so deeply vicious as the comboxes at the National Catholic Reporter. The Revolution does not abide dissenters well.

thetimman said...

One final thought, Sam-- certainly the parish would welcome him, but the diocese? Ah, which bishop?

Barto said...

Cardinal Raymond Burke is everyday looking more and more like Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

The logical thing for Cardinal Burke to do would be for him to offer his services to the SSPX. He'd be their first cardinal. He would replace the bishop they lost (Richard Williamson).

In real truth, Cardinal Burke doesn't need an office to make a difference. All he has to do is keep giving speeches, keep giving interviews, keep writing books. He is the most famous opponent of the Francis Revolution.

Among the bishops, Cardinal Burke's one of the tiny few who've had the courage to directly and harshly criticize the actions/inactions/words of the revelator of the "God of surprises."

Cardinal Burke has, with his many interviews, drawn a definite line in the sand.

When/if Francis officially promulgates the Kasper Proposal, Cardinal Burke WILL publicly condemn it and declare it to be invalid. He will.

And that may inspire some significant number of other bishops to do likewise.

So a real showdown is coming.

But this will not deter Bergoglio. He's a true Liberation Theologian, and as such knows that making a revolution is like making an omelet: a few eggs have to be cracked.

So, get ready for a new SSPX-type rejection of Francis I by a slim section of the Church.

Get ready to decide whose side you will be on.

JBQ said...

Semper Fi.

Anonymous said...

I finally got to watch "The Maltese Falcon" which was on PBS tonight. I had never seen the movie or read the book and never knew the story behind the fictitious falcon. Watching all the intrigue, mystery, and backstabbing had me thinking that it was just like the goings on in Malta these days.


Barto said...

Regarding the above comment about "The Maltese Falcon," I read on Wikipedia that the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, the organization to which Cardinal Burke is being assigned as "patron," has a special status under international law: due to the fact that was for several hundred years the legitimate government of the islands of Malta, the Order is recognized as being "extraterritorial."

As I understand this, it means that the Order's lands and properties in Rome are actually not in Italy, legally speaking. That is, the Order is, to an extent, its own sovereign nation, much like the Vatican City-State. The word "sovereign" is right there in the title of the order: "Sovereign Military Order of Malta."

That got me thinking. Maybe there is something providential in Cardinal Burke being designed the spiritual director of an Order that has his an independent, sovereign quasi-national status.

Maybe what was meant as a demotion and humiliation will somehow turn out as a strength for the cause of Righteousness.

Recall that is is called the "Sovereign MILITARY Order of Malta." Maybe this Order will have some special and decisive role to play in the Church Militant.