05 November 2014

Low-Level Circuit Judge Rules in Favor of Sodomite Pretend Marriages; Tears Pour Forth from the Oppressed

Gee, I "can't wait" until each level of the judiciary enters its "surprising" and "groundbreaking" rulings "interpreting" the U.S. Constitution to find that long-suspected right to contractual sodomy.  This time, in what is surely the highlight of his career, local Judge Rex Burlison reads the Constitution and finds that what was within the province of the States to outlaw for more than two centuries actually equals marriage--if you commit it regularly enough.

The gleeful gay marriage enabler, "Catholic" Mayor Francis Slay, threatens us that his brother will finally move home to St. Louis now that long-term consensual sodomy is treated like real marriage.  Don't hurry. I think St. Louis already has the full quota of Slays it can handle.  What an embarrassment.

When will the Courts liberate animals to marry us?  When will the shackles be torn off my brother and sister polygamists?  When will -- nah, just skip ahead-- When will the Courts uphold death penalties for inconvenient Catholics?

Wait a glorious republic we have!  Who needs the rule of law when morality is long gone?



Jack Smith said...

"actually equals marriage--if you commit it regularly enough." Not a funny topic, but a hilarious line. Made my day.

Long-Skirts said...


Our leaders don't lead anymore
Our heroes aren't valiant anymore
Our fathers aren't home anymore
Our mothers won't birthe anymore

Our churches don't awe anymore
Our futures aren't safe anymore
Our past no roots anymore
Our present not ours anymore

The truth glossed o’er anymore
But hang a cross anymore
They'll all appear anymore
Outraged at faith anymore

They share their lusts and explore
They're seasoned whores to the core
They're salt of the earth they implore
These Sodomed - souls at Hell’s door

timbro3000 said...

Don't worry - the Republicans won yesterday, so this will all be remedied shortly.

Delena said...

I think Tim to the Bro 3000 needs a gold star for that comment.

Surely EVERYthing will change now!

Marc said...

@Timbro3000...just think how good your Lucky charms will taste after the Republicans are sworn in!

Barto said...

Since when are the judges of the U.S. or state courts obligated to make their rulings conform to the magisterium of the Catholic Church?

It is only Catholic popes, bishops and priests who have that obligation.

And in the present era, there are many bishops (and maybe even a pope) who don't accept that obligation, leading to Cardinal Burke to sounding the alarm over and over again during 2014.

The U.S. has never been a Catholic nation, or even a formally Christian one, judging by the texts of the U.S. Constitution of 1789 and the Declaration of Independence of 1776. Lincoln was never a member of any church. Neither was Reagan. The U.S.A. is what it always has been (which unlike Louis IX's France, isn't Catholic). The American Revolution not only severed the American colonies relationship with the King and Parliament of England, but also severed the relationship with the CHURCH of England. In one fell swoop, the American colonies went from nominally being Christian under the Church of England, to being utterly secular. In America, the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion of the Church of England were replaced with the First Amendment of the Constitution ("free exercise of religion"; "no establishment of religion").

The pertinent issue now is whether the Catholic Church will be Catholic.

Cardinal Burke is sounding the alarm that maybe the Catholic Church will cease to be Catholic.

The Catholic Church remains free to work to convert U.S. citizens over to adherence to Catholic moral doctrine. But first all, the Catholic Church must reclaim its traditional doctrine and resume the traditional mission of the Church.

That means that the Ecumenism and Interfaith Dialogue that, after the Vatican II Council, replaced the mandate to convert everyone to Catholicism, must be returned to the status of "anathema" (where they were prior to the Council--see Pius XI's 1928 Mortalium Animos).

At the present hour, however, the pope seems to be leading things in the opposite direction. In my opinion, that's the REAL problem, not what U.S. or state courts are doing.

People outside the Church should be expected to have all sorts of strange or immoral customs. There's never any reason for THAT to distress anyone in the Church. It should serve only as more motivation to return to and carry out the traditional mandate of Christ to convert every citizen to the Catholic Faith. Rulings of the U.S. or state courts, or laws passed by legislatures, can't lead or cause people to act in moral ways in their personal, private lives.

But the Church "going off the rails," that IS something to be distressed about, as Cardinal Burke has being expressing over and over again.

If Cardinal Burke and a group of faithful cardinals end up electing a new pope and declaring Francis I to be an antipope, I’ll be with him, especially if they go to the root of the matter and throw out the Vatican II texts and the Vatican II mass, and restore Catholicism in its undiluted, uncontaminated form.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the glory of the Republican takeover of all three branches of government some 8-10 years ago. Republican controlled the House, the Senate, the Presidency, and 7 of the 9 sitting Supreme Court Justices had been appointed by Republicans.
Surely, we would be made a Christian state again based on the billions of dollars spent marketing this to the Christian majority.
And sure enough, Bush jumped right on his priorities:
He invaded Iraq (and will be arrested in most countries of the world as an international war criminal for that.) And to pay for this $2 trillion tragedy - massive tax cuts for billionaires.
Nothing changed, folks. Nothing to see here.
The Republicans will keep dragging out this dead horse to get Catholic votes, but nothing will change. Nothing.