27 November 2014

One of Those Nights

In which Facebook reminds me again-- and I pray I remember this time-- that it is nearly impossible to disagree with someone on the Internet about philosophical questions without hurting their feelings.

And when the disagreement involves religion-- impossible.


Karen said...

How right your are! I have been unfriended by almost all my cousins because of my views on abortion and gay "marriage" so I didn't even bother with FB on the latest social fiasco. Everyone has their mind made up REGARDLESS of the FACTS. The grand jury was rigged/biased/irresponsible/racist/etc. even though they were picked months prior to the incident. How can that be rigged? The cops are oppressive/racist/gun-happy/out for young black men/etc. Even though the police don't show up until a crime has been committed. The strong-arm robbery has to have already happened for them to be called. Brown was disrespected because the officer said he had a satanic look when Brown was assaulting him, but the officer testified Brown put his hand on the service revolver and tried to get his fingers into the trigger guard to turn the officer's own gun on himself. Somehow this testimony just goes up in smoke like it never even happened or it's called a lie. Even though it corroborated ALL the meticulously gathered evidence. Everyone goes on about the loss of our dear Michael. Well we have lost a young man who was a criminal/thug who freely put HIMSELF into this situation. We have really lost an 8 yr veteran on the police force who was a good cop and protected the community from people like Brown. Now he and his family live in fear for the rest of their lives and he suddenly has to find a new career. God help him and protect his family from harm.
All of this is entitlement run amok. If you listen to the parents, the apple doesn't fall far.

thetimman said...

To Mr. Feelings:

You will be hurt even worse when you read that I accidentally deleted your message when I intended to publish it! Mea culpa. Counsellors are available just now in all tithe elementary schools; seek one out before the rioting stops!

Anonymous said...

Dear Timman,

Expect a massive crowd of people with hurt feelings to march in front of your house chanting "Our feelings have feelings too!"

Mr. Emotion

Patricia said...

I find it interesting that no blacks decry Planned Parenthood targeting their unborn, removing them from their mothers (and fathers and any familes THEY would have had.)

Planned Parenthood, supported by the NAACP and many blacks and whites on their boards of directors. We are talking about the greatest killer of blacks in this country.

The KKK admits they need not perform lynching any more.....PP is doing such a good job!

Where are the blacks decrying the thousands of our tax $$$$$$ that annually are donated to PP by our US Congress.

I guess they did not get the memo!

Patricia in St. Louis

Anonymous said...

I am not a Facebook-er. Perhaps if I had a business that would benefit, or was a social activist, or lived far from family, I might do it to get a message or information out to people. Otherwise, it seems like a breeding ground for trouble.

Besides, Zuckerberg wants us as customers (aka data sources), but is not interested in hiring us Americans.