30 November 2014

Pope Francis Proposes Full Communion With SSPX without Theological or Legal Preconditions

From the Vatican Insider:

Pope Francis’ words suggest that the current Successor of Peter believes communion between Catholic and [SSPX] Christians is possible right now, without the need to impose any theological or legal pre-conditions on his [SSPX] brothers. The main reason for this is that the [SSPX] “have real sacraments and above all, they have the priesthood and the Eucharist by virtue of the apostolic succession,” the Pope said quoting the Second Vatican Council. In Francis’ opinion, all that is needed to restore full communion between the Church [and the SSPX] is to recognise that they share and profess the same faith, the faith of the Apostles.

Actually, the article refers to the schismatic Orthodox churches. I took the liberty in the brackets above to replace "Orthodox" with "SSPX".

I will immediately post when the Pope's offer to the SSPX, on similar terms, is made.

Of course, it would be good if the Orthodox were formally reunited to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. It actually has happened more than once since the Great Schism of 1054. But always, the Orthodox had to acknowledge the primacy of Peter. And their breakdown into nationalistic bodies does not lend itself to an acceptance of doctrine or discipline by any combination of Orthodox patriarchs unless they all do, and until the death of one allows a new one to renounce it all again.

Not so anymore. All you need is love, said the Beatles. Why not a worldwide church of mutual respect, without the need to believe anything? Doctrine divides. Why limit unity without dogmatic agreement to the Orthodox? Tony Palmer's group had two Sacraments, probably. So do most Protestants. Two's enough, don't you think?

If you wonder what such a plan means for the Eastern Catholics, referred to disdainfully by their schismatic brothers as Uniates, I guess you can ask the underground Chinese Church. Ladies and Gentlemen, that one thousand years of faithfulness to Rome, suffering the scorn and separation from nearly all your fellow countrymen, you see that wasn't strictly speaking necessary. It was all a misunderstanding, based on semantics.

Everyone is welcome! Except the SSPX. And we're not sure about any other evil Trads. After all, doctrine divides, and we're all about looooove.


St. Corbinian's Bear said...

I think he knows that were he to open the doors to the SSPX, or, come to think of it, even the Orthodox, and make us all one big happy family, he would see such a flight from the Novus Ordo paradise unequaled since the Exodus. Once let out of its cage, the SSPX would just devour the Franciscan Church.

But you did have me for a second.

JRuskin said...

You are so right about this. I really am wondering how all this is going to end. Does anyone really wonder why trads can be grumpy? I love your blog. I discovered it and St. Corbinian's Bear and they are now 2 of my top 3 favorites. Just thought I'd let you know.

Konstantin said...

Great post...you nailed it.

JBazChicago said...

Silly man!
You have to wait a few more hundred years!

It's not "in" to like those who like the traditional form of the Mass!

Of course, what's really going on I think, is that to recognize the Old Mass entirely is to realize that the new Mass is though authentic, an entire farce. I think that's why there's so much anger toward ANYONE, SSPX or Motu Proprio (for lack of a better term) folks like us who are attached to the Mass of the Ages.

Deep down they're all afraid that the post-Conciliar reforms are based on sand. They would rather die having it in place with the Church diminishing with it, knowing it will change later, than to admit any wrongdoing.

Just an opinion!

Lynne said...

Wow! You got me. I instantly believed it. I'm kind of relieved it's not true. He *is* helping to fill the SSPX chapel that I attend, though.

Anonymous said...

Kinda reminded me of the spoof you did a few years ago on April Fools day when Saint Louis was still waiting for a bishop.

Actually, I think the Bear and JBaz are onto something. If nothing else, it certainly would be a catalyst for Traditional-minded Catholic parents to become comfortable enough to send their kids to Society schools.

Pope Francis is full of surprises though ... maybe that will happen ... or maybe he will turn up in Winona for Ordinations next year to ask a blessing from His Excellency Bishop Fellay.

Now THAT will be newsworthy!!


Murray said...

The Holy Father can make this kind of offer safe in the knowledge that the Orthodox will never go for it. Sure, he can say (and probably believes) that reunion is possible "without the need to impose any theological or legal pre-conditions", but the Orthodox sure don't see it that way.

I do believe that Pope Francis is entirely sincere when he tells protestant or Orthodox Christians that we shouldn't let doctrinal or confessional disagreements prevent us from reuniting. I mean, it's breathtakingly soft-headed and naive, but I think he really means it. And that's really troubling, because it implies that he doesn't take any beliefs seriously, including his own.

Pete Salveinini said...

Two points: the Orthodox will have none of it! They will argue for a mutual acceptance of doctrine. Also Tony Palmer was a REAL bishop with Apostolic succession. The EVANGELICAL Anglican Church sought and obtained Apostolic Orders from the Old Catholic and Jansenists. The Pope KNEW THAT and that is why he called him a brother bishop and proper burial.

c matt said...

It's a trap!!! As soon as the SSPX accept it, Francis will FFI them!!