24 November 2014

Rioters Strike at the Instruments of Oppression

Like Little Caesar's, beauty supply stores, Walgreens, mobile phone stores, meat markets, AutoZone, Public Storage, Toys R Us, elderly drivers and the interstate highway system. You know--the real killers.

This needs to stop. In fact, the destruction is consistent with coordination. Protest, agitation, dispersal, wanton destruction to overwhelm response.

What a country.

Justice, in the context of criminal law, is a process. There was process. There was Justice.

Unless Justice is an outcome preordained.

Proud day for St. Louis.


Bsdouglass said...

I don't think they torched Planned Murderhood. Wonder how they rank vs the cops around here for black kids murdered? #Blacklivesmatterunless

Konstantin said...

This is not PC, so you decide whether you will upload the comment or not: The hipocrisy among the African American community has to stop. As you already pointed out, what do stores have to do with Mike Brown's death. Furthermore, you will hardly see any of those people condemn a black-on-black crime. Where is the outrage about gang violence in Chicago (or LA or anywhere in the US)? The condemnation of rap music and a black youth culture that is promoting crime and immoral behavior? The condemnation of ABORTION, the real killer of the black community?

St. Peter Claver, pray for us!