29 November 2014

This Is the Man on the Throne

Late in the day to note what Rorate, as usual, has covered, but this and this are both scandalous in a way that can't be deplored enough.

If you don't think these actions, and many more that precede them, are disasters, I can't help you. Read Mark Shea and be glad.


St. Corbinian's Bear said...

Indeed, what does Jorge believe? Perhaps the Muslims wouldn't have stood for a Masonic Lodge or he could have scored a hat trick. (Is that three? Sorry, Bears don't know much about soccer.)

TradDadof4 said...

It is clear from the video that the Greek orthodox ecumenical patriarch does NOT give the requested blessing on the Pope and the church of Rome, offering instead just a fraternal kiss. Oh what a rude awakening that ecumenism (indifferentism) only goes one way. I will be waiting for mullahs to stand in adoration at the blessed sacrament soon.

JBQ said...

Francis is attempting to convert Islam to Christianity. The Koran states that they will us violence to conquer the world. The Mother of God stood at the gates of Vienna to stop the Ottomans. Now, Francis invites them to share the table of "The Last Supper". The hope is that we do not wake up one morning to find "the head of Francis" stuck on a pole at the gate of Rome with the barbarians burning the city.