10 November 2014

To Cardinal Burke

You have likely already seen this petition at Lifesite News, thanking Cardinal Burke for his faithful service. But I provide it for you in case you haven't. I know the Cardinal knows how his flock in St. Louis feels, but it is a nice gesture just the same.


JBQ said...

A priceless comment must be told from the Spectator of Nov 8, 14: Watch out Pope Francis a Catholic civil war has begun. "As it happens, Pope Francis intends to sack Burke, whose habit of dressing up like a Christmas tree at Latin Masses infuriates him". With prayer and support for Cardinal Burke.

Barto said...

I already signed that petition.

But I'd like another petition in which we ask the remaining faithful Cardinals to come together and elect a pope who will teach and defend Catholic doctrine, and who will declare the present "offender of the Faith" in the Vatican to be an antipope.

This has been done before. There's plenty of precedent for it.

thetimman said...

Well, Barto, that is not at all a good idea. It is not a probable opinion that the college of cardinals, even in unanimity, could declare a pope deposed for heresy. St. Robert Bellarmine is the best source, I suppose, for all this type of speculation, and he doesn't agree with you.

If you're referring to Liberius, that was a future pope who did that. Not the bishops independent of the pope.

And, really, this is not sensible talk, unless and until there is a formalized attempt to teach a heresy that is clear, in a manner designed to be binding on the faithful. These are too heady waters to doggie paddle in.

So, unless and until it is obvious that say, the prior "resignation" was ineffective, or a true heresy is publicly and obstinately proposed-- the kind that would generate a response by those very cardinals you mention, let's just assume we have a very lousy pope and pray extra hard for him and the church.

Things are bad enough without hurrying a day that may not come, God willing.