07 November 2014

We Shall See

A time for prayer, a time for preparedness. This article in the New York Times covers the local wait for the grand jury to announce whether there will be an indictment of Officer Wilson in the Michael Brown incident. An excerpt that sums up what many feel:

“I hate this,” said Dan McMullen, the president of Solo Insurance Services, as he sat behind his desk on Thursday. During the course of a 20-minute conversation, his phone did not ring; no customers walked through the door. “Business is terrible,” he lamented. “The customers don’t want to come here anymore. We all know the grand jury is going to come back in the next couple of weeks, and everyone knows there won’t be an indictment. This time around will be a lot more violent.”


Barto said...

I see the Ferguson Protesters/Rioters/Looters as being similar to ISIS. Both are about the seizure of territory and the imposition of gangster rule. The uniformed street enforcer bands of the Fascists and Nazis also seem similar.

Anonymous said...

How will law-abiding citizens who rely on their police for protection respond if the judgment is "not guilty?"

Homme Noire