31 December 2014

Like Juggling Indeed

“Tell me candidly, have you ever heard Sebastian say anything you have remembered for five minutes? You know, when I hear him talk, I am reminded of that in some ways nauseating picture of ‘Bubbles.’ Conversation should be like juggling; up go the balls and the plates, up and over, in and out, good solid objects that glitter in the foot-lights and fall with a bang if you miss them. But when dear Sebastian speaks it is like a little sphere of soapsud drifting off the end of an old clay pipe, anywhere, full of rainbow light for a second and then—phut! vanished, with nothing left at all, nothing.”

--Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited


Alison said...

Nothing to do with the post but do you drink Chartreuse V.E.P.? We always had champagne when reading "Brideshead Revisited."

thetimman said...

When I can get it at a significant discount.

And it is relevant to the post, as Blanche is drinking it during the conversation excerpted.

Alison said...

I was really wondering if you drank V.E.P. We just drink plain old green Chartruese. I did get the reference to Blanche but was Blanche drinking V.E.P. and I still like champagne better.

I am a donor to the Chartruese and I never get a discount on any liquor. I do get Masses said for me and once got a copy "Into Great Silence." It was cool because it had the 1962 Carthusian interview on it. Once on the weekly walks, my Carthusian friend started trying to get the ingredients out of one of the monks that held the secret. It was an entertaining letter about it. He is pretty sure they take an extra vow to the secrecy.

Enjoy your Brideshead posts.