05 December 2014

Meatless Hockey Friday

On this eve of the Feast of St. Nicholas, a break from the mundane to give you a few Vladimir Tarasenko nuggets, courtesy of Grantland. If you watch any hockey, you will likely have seen this incredible goal against the Rangers back in November:

The reason for my post, though, is that someone made this really cool flipbook of the goal:

Tarasenko.  He's pretty good.  What the hey, one more:


Anonymous said...

Blog of the Year, timman!

(That Flipbook is awesome.)

I wonder if Longskirts wouldn't mind adding a rhyme to Tarasenko's beautiful little ice dance. (Wondering further...perhaps Mr. Longskirts made that Flipbook????)

Anonymous said...

Very cool. I hope they don't choke in the play off like last 2 years. (It seems that both the Blues and Cards can conquer the long game of the season, but choke post-season.) We like Vlad in our house!