23 December 2014

Old Leftist Nuns Engage in Meaningless Political Theater

Or, "What do we do after we lose our faith and almost all of our members?"

Lily Fowler has the answer in this piece at STLToday, from whence the above photo comes.  The photo really captures the spiritual and demographic reality, as does the unintentionally ironic first line of the article: 

"You wouldn't necessarily know they were nuns."

Actually, you wouldn't necessarily know they were nuns, except the fact that they are single women over the age of 65 wearing polyester pants holding up signs for some environmentalist cause.  

You would know they were leftist nuns from dying orders who have despaired of their order's charism and their own vocations.

You just would not know them as Catholic nuns, unlike those whose orders are flourishing because they have not succumbed to the modernist vibe of their barren counterparts.

Ms. Fowler adds a second section to the story, emphasizing the conformity of these dying orders with the spirit of the USCCB and the Pope as promoters of the global warming/climate change hoax.  All of a kind, this type of post-Christian political activism shows the lack of spiritual vitality of the modernist church member.  The hippies are running the asylum as they trudge toward the grave.  

After all, why pray, adore the Blessed Sacrament, sanctify families and their children through Catholic education, health care or contemplation, thus positively affecting billions of people-- and more importantly, billions of immortal souls-- when we can hold hands and make signs and feel all empathetic with mother earth? 

And the new regime in the Vatican, not even comfortable with the very mild admonitions begun by its predecessors, lets these orders off the hook for the incalculable damage they have done to the Church by their own self-destruction.  But of course, this doesn't surprise, as the current policy is to encourage such nonsense until the bitter end.

We can only pray that there are some Catholics left after the pretends are over.

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