29 December 2014

Rebuking the English Martyrs: Is This the Program?

Merry Christmas to all, and a blessed Feast of St. Thomas of Canterbury, known also as St. Thomas a Becket.  St. Thomas suffered during his life, and was ultimately martyred, for steadfastly maintaining the rights of the Church against the secular power of his day.

There don't seem to many such Bishops in our Church at present, Cardinal Burke and a few others excepted.  There doesn't seem to be a St. Thomas in the See of Rome, either.  But we do have this:

Pope Francis Expected to Instruct One Billion Catholics to Act on Climate Change

...to which I humbly append the following sub-header:

"Has Chance of Success with (at most) 999,999,999 Catholics"

We see already that the martyrdoms of Saint John Fisher and Saint Thomas More were based on a rigid, soul-dead legalism that lacked mercy, merely because they were foolish enough to give their lives to follow Jesus Christ's actual words recorded in the Gospels.

We have also seen that the martyrdoms of Saint Edumund Campion, Saint Nicholas Owen, Saint Robert Southwell, Saint Margaret Clitherow, and countless others were based upon a triumphalistic, self-absorbed neo-pelagianism that arrogantly condemned our separated Protestant brethren, turning their backs, Pharisee-like, on these fellow chums in the faith.

We now see that even the martrydom of St. Thomas of Canterbury was a wasted gesture.  The Vatican is merely the local party office for the UN, the homosexual movement, godless environmentalism, the secular world order, or what-have-you.

Stand up to the King?  Ha!  Be his willing accomplice, rather.

I encourage all of you to read Gueranger's reflections on St. Thomas of Canterbury in The Liturgical Year.  If you don't have it, there is a free pdf file here, and the entry begins on page 310 of the pdf (p. 303 of the book itself).  Contrast the heroism of this great martyr with the current climate. Compare St. Thomas to Cardinal Burke, if that suits you better.

I had set out to excerpt the essay here, but there was so much trenchant material that you know I would have just copied all of it.  For considerations of space-- and only for that reason-- I will forego the exercise.  Please read it.

And pray for the Church.

St. Thomas a Becket, pray for us!


marc said...

I just read the holy abbott's writing on St Thomas. I had a little mental image of Cardinal Burke doing the same thing if he is so called to martyrdom. Thanks for posting! May we all be granted the grace of fortitude if ever granted the opportunity to die for the Church.

thetimman said...

Thanks, Marc, happy New Year!