29 January 2015

A Complete Divorce from Reality

I want to thank Pewsitter, for without that fine Catholic central clearinghouse site, I would not have read the two posts I link below.  My usual rule is not to give Mark Shea any more hits than he already gets-- he does just fine without me-- but this is an exception.  His post here, read along with the post of Fr. Longenecker, show just how far out there the neo-Catholic normalist crowd has gone, and will go, to prop up their comfortable status quo. There is no logic, no argument, no persuasion, that will reach them.

I mean, wow.  It would be hilarious if the situation were not so dreadfully serious.



St. Corbinian's Bear said...

Shea spits out one-liners like a string of firecrackers on a dog's tail and steps back and admires the chaos. It's standup, not commentary. (Okay, so the Bear has been known to behave in similar fashion, but he hopes there is more thought behind it.)

It all depends on bizarre logic like: "The Pope isn't an ATHEIST, therefore he must be completely ORTHODOX." "The Pope hasn't CANONIZED KARL MARX, therefore he is NOT A SOCIALIST."

Mark Shea doesn't weigh 900 LBS, so he must be SKINNY.

This is just kool-aid for the consumption only of his loyal readers. I wouldn't disturb a single brain cell with it.

Seriously, Shea is just an awful writer. Was he always this way, or has Francis just brought out the worst in him?

Toto said...

Personal attacks are unnecessary.
Mark got the point across in his way and that is great!
I agree. Just accept the Pope and stop critiquing his every word and move.
Fr. Longeneckar too was cool!
I read Lord of the World. Hope others do too!
Be blessed and be more humble.

thetimman said...

"Personal attacks are unnecessary."

Brilliant! You have actually read Shea, yes? Send him the same comment, too, if you don't mind.

guy mcclung, rockport, texas said...

If you want to silence Shea, do what I have done for the Clintons and for the democrats current president-never leave a radio or TV on if their images come on the screen and never read anything about them or written by them [or with their names attached as author-which is a different story]. When you see "mark Shea" click on an X or hit "delete."

Lynne said...

Sorry, I refuse to read either man's rantings/writings. Now, if you had just cut-and-pasted their stuff... :-)

pete said...

Bear: shea got self righteous about torture. Bitter because W team asked him to be mouthpiece. Recently revealed by Shea..I nootedhim off since torture....affected all his work I think...

Anonymous said...

Pete, I'm sorry but could you clarify those remarks for those of us who've sworn off Shea? Certainly the whole torture debate was when he seemed to start going round the bend (I don't mean arguments against torture, but rather his mean-spirited, uncharitable anger towards anyone who didn't completely agree with him).

"W team asked him to be mouthpiece", What does that mean? The Bush administration approached him about advocating for their position?! What exactly does Shea say about all this? I'm unwilling to wade through all his work so if anyone has the scoop, I'd appreciate it.


Dymphna said...

I know this sounds lazy but could sumamrize what Mr. Shea and Fr. Longeneker wrote? I do not go to their sites for any reason anymore.

Anonymous said...

Sure, Greenlight: (I was writing from a tablet.)

Shea revealed recently that back in the day, the W admin, realizing he was a popular Catholic blogger and wanted the Catholic vote, had him on a conference call to support the war policies. [I don't know the title of the post. It's been in the last month, I think.] He did not agree with them. He felt used and disgusted w/all politics. When I saw that post, I knew it explained everything. MY VIEW: I think he is a disillusioned guy who hasn't gotten over that pols are not saints. He is unreasonably harsh on the political right where it fails to adhere to Catholic teaching. Here's a guy with an unresolved anger issue, in my view.

I agree that he went off the deep-end on torture, still does to this day. It's not that his point of view is wrong, but, as you say, that he very self-righteously condemns and berates those who might even seem to sound like they might support torture. In my view, it has reached the point that, if you're not a Catholic who is just like him, you're not a good Catholic. He is very uncharitable with those who don't see things his way. He's the judge here, not God or His Church.


Dan said...

What exactly was the problem with Fr. Longenecker's post? In it he says that some people have trouble understanding that the Pope's view is one that involves the real conflict between the forces of good and evil. All in all it seemed quite the traditional view of Catholics. What did I miss?

Lazarus Gethsemane said...

Dan, the salient point that Fr Longenecker misses is that:

It shouldn't be about understanding Pope Francis.

It should be about Pope Francis relaying an accurate understanding of the settled teachings of the Church.

But this is exactly the problem with this pontiff - it's all about HIM and HIS whims, motives, and relentlessly incoherent and at times completely heretical ramblings and personal grievances. It's become all about his Cult of Personality and little to do with the Truth of Jesus Christ and His immutable doctrines preserved by the 2000 years worth of Traditions through His timeless Church.

Settled doctrines and dogmas are to be protected by the Popes. NOT unsettled, questioned, and rendered ambiguous by them.

Ergo - we clearly have a pope problem.

St. Corbinian's Bear said...

Lazarus: Best summary of "Papa's Delicate Condition" I've ever read.