23 January 2015

Bishop Johnston of Springfield-Cape Girardeau Rightly Rebukes Mercy Health

"Lord, I obeyed all your commandments until Caesar told me I couldn't!"  Is that what passes for martyrdom these days?

Bishop Johnston reminds Mercy Health that real martyrdom is a real possibility for real Catholics.

As for complying with unspecified “government regulations,” he said “no believing Christian worthy of the name should violate God's law because of ‘regulations.’ Our ancestors refused to abandon the faith even when subjected to the cruelty and torture of the Roman Empire, but in our age unspecified 'regulations,' government funds, and fear of public ridicule is sufficient in order to secure the compliance of some.”

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Anonymous said...

I am a former employee of a Mercy Facility many years ago, during which the name changed from St. John's Mercy to just Mercy, kind of playing down the Catholic identity. Even then, the nuns were more of the corporate/businesswoman type rather than of the nurse in a habit type. In fact, not one of them was a nurse! I knew this was coming, as they freely dispensed contraception and employed a dynasty of "Catholic" OB-Gyn physicians who prescribed them and performed sterilizations.I began to be truly uncomfortable taking a paycheck and thankfully, the need for the job was very short.

Trad Girl