09 January 2015

"In short, Shea’s usual nuanced analysis."

Yes, this falls under the "shooting fish in a barrel" category.  But Christopher Ferrara dissecting Mark Shea is a fun read.  Not much of an intellectual contest, of course.  And if you are just waking up today shocked, shocked! to discover gambling at Rick's Cafe that Mark Shea will swallow anything, then you are late to the game.

But fun, as I said.  An excerpt:

What, then, is Shea to do now that even First Things has become strongly critical of a Pope who seems more interested in being a public figure on the world stage than he is in defending the Catholic doctrine and discipline he is constantly derogating as mere “rules” that interfere with “mercy”? Shea does the same thing he always does: hurl insults, caricature the opposing position and hide the real issue. Mullarkey’s article, he shrieks, is a “festival of crazy contempt for Francis,” a “revolting (in every sense) smear job,” a “bizarre Know Nothing rant,” reflecting a “stinking, sweaty, panic-stricken hatred of the pope,” which is “getting more and more palpable—and respectable among the increasingly deranged right wing.”

In short, Shea’s usual nuanced analysis. But as more and more Catholics beyond traditionalist circles become alarmed by the words and deeds of Francis the Great Reformer, as his fawning biographer calls him, Shea is now wildly spraying fire like a lone private defending an untenable position against an advancing battalion. It is no longer just the “rad trads” he has to calumniate in order to obscure the truth about our situation. That was easy enough. Now he has to deal with a major new threat to the success of the decades-long neo-Catholic con job: what he calls “the ‘faithful conservative’ Catholic subculture.” In other words, the “mainstream” of practicing Catholics! Wow. That was not supposed to happen, was it?


Murray said...

“festival of crazy contempt”,
“revolting (in every sense) smear job”, “bizarre Know Nothing rant”
“stinking, sweaty, panic-stricken hatred”
"increasingly deranged”

Projection, thy name is Mark Shea.

Alex said...

Mark Shea - the PZ Myers of Catholicism.

Anonymous said...

I think the irony is that the "Greatest Catholics of All Time" actually consists only of those HE deems "Faithful" Catholics. Pot, kettle, black theme going there.

And his "community" may only consist of himself when it comes down to it. If you're not like him, you're a bad Catholic.