02 January 2015

Prayer of St. Francis de Sales-- Offered at the Beginning of the Year

Oh Lord, be all for me as I desire to be henceforth all for Thee.  I render Thee a thousand acts of gratitude for all the pains and all the sufferings that Thou hast endured upon the Cross.  I thank thee for the love which led Thee to suffer them and for the most merciful intention that Thou hast in applying to my soul, in particular, the merits that Thou has acquired.

Oh Eternal Father, I offer Thee all the pains and afflictions of Thy Son, my Saviour, His virtues, His merits and His Blood.  In virtue of the immense treasure of the suffrages and merits of the most holy Virgin, of the Angels and of the Saints, I ask of Thee Thy holy and paternal blessing for my heart and Thy special assistance for Thy Church, for its leaders, for Christian rulers, for my relatives, my friends, my benefactors, for those in error and for the comforting of the souls in Purgatory.



Elizabeth said...

Lovely, thank you! Where did you find this?

thetimman said...

It is on a holy card the Institute made for Carsinal Burke's 2012 visit.