19 January 2015

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Is the Pope merely pandering to women, or is he taking one more opportunity to stick it to Cardinal Burke?  Both?  Neither?  Poll at the sidebar; comment in the combox if you wish.

Regardless of His Holiness' intent by these comments, news stories like this merely confirm the obvious reality of Cardinal Burke's critique.


Anonymous said...

I think this might be a case of seeing a bogeyman behind every rock; I do not think the Pope is on a deliberate campaign to see in how many countries he can needle Cardinal Burke. In fact, in reading the linked text, it did not even strike me as “pandering” (i.e. publicly espousing half-truths or lies to garner favor). The Pope was simply acknowledging gender differences – shouldn’t we be celebrating that, given secular society’s increasing willful blindness on the issue? – and saying if any audience at an event is less than half women (except, obviously for audiences of priests and male religious), then it does not reflect the demographics in the Church’s pews and service ministries.

(As a side note, we account for the absence of men in church due to “feminization”, as if it is some physical force that literally repels men at the doors. Why do we think parishes need to change their atmosphere, etc. to cajole men back into the pews, but when parishes use guitars or dance, we call it gimmickry? It almost seems like we implicitly excuse men for not showing up by putting the responsibility for luring them back on churches. Would not the manly thing be for men to shelve their pride, go to their “girly” church, and then either tolerate it for the sake of the Sacraments or actually do something to redress the imbalance?)

Further, I would urge a tempering of what occasionally seems to be a quasi-cult of personality around Cardinal Burke among traditionalists. Please understand that I defended then-Archbishop Burke in every controversy and found him to be a warm and holy man, if somewhat unschooled in media matters by letting his critics define his image. (I also chuckle about the headline treatment, letters, and comments his latest interview drew, revealing a near obsession among progressive Catholics over a former archbishop years gone and living thousands of miles away. So much for their claim of Church irrelevance…) But given his informal status as the Church champion of Tradition, I have to make two notes of his tenure here:

Anonymous said...

- Which Mass, the Tridentene or Novus Ordo, did Archbishop Burke publicly celebrate here the vast majority of the time? Which Mass did the overwhelming majority of his priests offer during his time here? I went to several Masses celebrated by Archbishop Burke, and I do not remember any of them being the Latin Mass. This blog regularly asserts that the spiritual sloppiness inherent in the Novus Ordo is detrimental to the Faith – so was Archbishop Burke guilty of allowing the Faith to decay on his watch here, given the continued predominance of the Novus Ordo during his episcopacy?
- After the wave of parish closures in 2005, numerous closed Catholic churches became, among other things, multiple Protestant churches, a theater, a music rehearsal hall, an ad agency, and a pile of rubble upon which an apartment building was built. Said transactions of Archdiocesan trust properties occurred under whose jurisdiction?

I am not actually criticizing him for either of these, nor am I offering them as a way to spark some sort of disillusionment with Cardinal Burke. What I am saying is that if the man considered the standard-bearer of Tradition in the Church allowed and did such things, that is powerful food for thought regarding the positions and opinions expressed here.

Bryan Kirchoff
St. Louis

P. S. I will admit I have doubts about His Eminence’s diagnosis of the priestly vocations problem. First, I am not sure today’s boys are as “no girls allowed” as back in the Cardinal’s boyhood; heck, our society actively conditions them to ignore gender, so altar serving is hardly the only co-ed activity they are in. Second, I doubt most boys who are altar servers do so because they see it as a cool men’s club to aspire to – a lot of them do it because their mom told them they were going to. I think the vocations crisis has much more to do with (a) a society that thinks demanding exercise and diet regimens for the sake of one’s self are laudatory, but the discipline of celibacy for the sake of serving others is somehow crazy, (b) smaller families that might lead parents to subconsciously push sons toward grandchildren, and (c) a popular conception of the priesthood as more of a job than a state of being, a job that, quite frankly, is much more poorly-compensated and option-limiting than other careers out there.

Long-Skirts said...

Bryan Kirchoff said:

"What I am saying is that if the man considered the standard-bearer of Tradition in the Church allowed and did such things, that is powerful food for thought regarding the positions and opinions expressed here."

I have to say, I agree, not that I don't think Cardinal Burke is a good Prelate but to lay your life down for Christ & His Faith...takes HEROIC Virtue and Our Lord sent that Prelate but too many won't "sell their things".