30 January 2015

Why Should We Pray?: The Pope's 2015 Agenda

Good evening, everybody.  It just hit me, after reading this excellent blog post about our duty to be vigilant in defense of the faith, that the Pope's already announced schedule for 2015 is a veritable minefield of trouble.  And I have to admit, I don't expect His Holiness to avoid the minefield, or even to tip-toe through it.  I expect him to start throwing bombs at the minefield, with us in it.

But I tend to be a doe-eyed optimist.

Just what, in this calendar year, is so worthy of prayer?  Well, all of the following events are on deck:

-- visit to the United States, with speeches to the U.S Congress and the United Nations included

-- the release of a new Encyclical, believed to be on environmentalism

-- the dreaded Synod against on the Family

Creative Minority Report already posted that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency met with the Pope today.  Great. Glad to hear it.

Imagine the Pope's trip to the United States, where there will no doubt be at least one Papal mega-Mass.  Plenty of good photo-ops for notorious pro-abortion, pro-sodomy, "Catholic" politicians to receive Holy Communion sacrilegiously.  Hey, with any luck, they'll receive it from the Holy Father himself. Imagine him addressing Congress and the U.N., undercutting the efforts of the remaining Catholic bishops, priests, and laity to resist sodomitical marriages, junk science climate change totalitarianism, or whatever else he thinks of that morning.

The upcoming encyclical will be the first for which he is solely responsible, and if it is at all like his Apostolic Exhortation, we're headed for whitewater, as Mike Sexton would say.

Then, finally, the great planned mini-Vatican II to sabotage marriage and Holy Communion, and to set the stage for the normalization of adultery and homosexual conduct.

You can't wait, either?

Oh, and I almost forgot-- he will preach a homily nearly every day and give a public address nearly every week. Who knows what any of those will bring.

What else can we do but pray? 

Remember, though I have written somewhat cheekily here, we don't save the Church, the Church saves us.  But that does not mean we don't get the leadership we deserve.  And what have our sins deserved?  

May the Mother of the Church be our constant aid.  Mater Ecclesiae, ora pro nobis!


Jeanne Holler said...

Has anyone see the short 10 minute video by John Vennari from Catholic Family News on Pope Francis ...it is well worth going over there and watch this eye opening video , right in line with what you have posted in recent days and here now ...my take , we are in trouble ...yep serious trouble ....Their is a lot questions to ask : Are you willing to stand up for the complete TRUTH ...if the answer is YES then you and I are going into WAR...well we are SOLDIERS for Christ ...are we not ! So with that being said put on your armor, Rosary in one Hand and The Brown Scapular in the other ...Oh Mother of Mercy , Our Lady of Fatima pray for us !

Athelstane said...

Oh, and I almost forgot-- he will preach a homily nearly every day and give a public address nearly every week.

He will also have to fly here and back. And that means all sorts of opportunities for airborne press conferences.

St. Corbinian's Bear said...

You know, the more he talks, it is not necessarily the more everybody adores and respects him.i thinks he's already reached the point of diminished returns, and is heading into Francis fatigue territory. If he pulls stunts like crossing the border and demanding the US pay environmental reparations or whatever there may not be gold in the pot at the end of his Rainbow (and Unicorns) tour.

Fr. Andrew said...

Mike Sexton reference? You watch poker?

Long-Skirts said...

As Baptized Catholics we keep preserving the Truth and building on it...schools, convents, monasteries, retreat houses, seminaries even in the face of the cowardly and the liars. Christ has not left us orphans, follow the True Shepherds who follow Him totally. Rage against the age!


And where are the schools
The daily Mass
Lines to confess
A uniformed lass?

And where are the schools
The Latin class
Cassocked priest
Candles in brass?

And where are the schools
To strengthen souls
Shape their wills
Set the goals?

And where are the schools
The altar boy
Assisting priest
Like Christ, their joy?

And where are the schools
Oh, time you lied
A generation
Has gone and died.

And where are the schools
Which don’t derive
That two plus two
Are sometimes five?

The Fraternity -
They’re found in large
Where struggling families
Let priest take charge

For the good of the whole
Priests’ lives are laid
So many may come
Not be afraid

And win the Faith
From Christ-like hand…
St. Pie the Tenth
Two and two are grand!!

St. Corbinian's Bear said...

One-two punch on Pewsitter, I see. Although my dog -- seriously, my dog -- deleted my linked-to article by mashing the keyboard.

RR said...

The Pope seems to want to take the Catholic Church in the direction of what the Anglican Communion has experimented with over the last half century. It's not speculation what the fruits will be. the Anglican Communion's shattering and cratering membership are reliable guides.

Nota bene: If one had said in 1925 that the direction the Anglican Communion was going would lead to disaster, Anglican prelates would largely have told you you were a chicken little. And yet, that is exactly what happened.

Anonymous said...

10 minute video by John Vennari

Where does one find this video?


JBQ said...

Ipse duce non fatigaris, miles Christi sum. "Former" altar etching on a side altar at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis.